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  • |--1poemssss by john
    |I slowly watch
    |With narrow eyes
    |And narrow mind
    |You drift away
    |Ever so gently
    |Across tranquil waters
    |To some place
    |Far from me
    |Is it better?
    |Time will tell
    |In the end
    |It's the same
    |If only I could do it all again


    • |--1poembyjohn
      |One more line upon the glass
      |Wider it seems then all the rest
      |Longer for sure then any other
      |A final testament to a shattered dream
      |You feel it burn into your mind
      |Washing away the pains of time
      |All the midnight sorrows
      |And daylight strains
      |Flowing off into endless bliss
      |But then it falls away again
      |Slipping through these hands
      |Like delicate grains of sand
      |For nothing is everything in a shattered mind
      |Splintered apart by it's own passage of time
      |What's left then if without the mind?
      |Only a useless stone is left behind
      |Weathered and beaten by countless years
      |It's only purpose is to wait and die
      |Then something shimmers upon it's skin
      |Something shining from deeply within
      |For light breaks through from faded cracks
      |It pours out like crystals of glass
      |Shards delicatley falling in a soft cascade
      |Seemingly dancing but they too soon fade
      |What else can come from this faded stone?
      |It now lies so curiously alone
      |Covered in glass as if in blood
      |Left to die on it's own
      |The sun's soft light begins to shine
      |Again so slowly through the passage of time
      |The stone itself fades away
      |Vanishing into the very air
      |Never to be seen again


      • welcome Cognition, am always happy to see someone new here.

        Toast, those works are a good read. I am in a middle of a "writers block" also known as "pure laziness" ...

        Hopefully I can get my brain back online soon ....

        talk to you guys later.
        Sometimes it is just being me that counts
        By: izchan


        • No problme izchan. Don't you worry. We'll keep the thread here alive.


          • Too much penny arcade can really cause us to loose our mind.

            : Priorities
            I know its cliche
            its been done before
            not mere deja vu's
            yet I wanted to let you know
            everyday is valentine day to me
            even when you are being unreasonable
            when you are moping around
            the time when you formated my hard drive
            yes, even the time you kicked me in the shins
            I do so love you
            now would you please put the xbox down
            and finish halo at least once
            before throwing it out the window


            ps: thanks for the support toast.
            Sometimes it is just being me that counts
            By: izchan


            • Morning guys.

              : Statement
              I could tell you the excuse
              and explain why I did what I did
              but I wont
              not because it was a lie
              but because it matters not
              whats done is past
              and I can only look into the future
              will I do it again?
              I don't know
              I try to be strong
              but even heroes fall from grace
              so we do what we do
              the best we can do it
              and hope that its enough
              because thats all you get
              I am sorry
              but I will do it again if needs be
              maybe a little different
              so take heart
              I am back

              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
              By: izchan


              • : Witness and persecutions
                you say if it aint there
                then it aint real
                what do I know about truth
                who am I to judge your soul
                do whatever you like
                you are your own conscience
                all thats left is our actions
                and the consequences it brings
                so take your book
                and preach else where
                for I believe in something bigger
                not just words
                but faith

                yeah, religious. Don't take it personally.

                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                By: izchan


                • : coffee withdrawal
                  obsessed about time
                  I work myself to the seconds
                  yet when all is over
                  nothing seems to be done
                  why do i rush anymore
                  whats the point of it all
                  my lense no longer clear
                  is it becaue its prestige has disappeared?
                  Wandering in the night
                  seeking guidance in the dark
                  whethere demons or angels
                  an answer is all I ask
                  what is there left for me now
                  as my time draws to a close
                  silently awaiting my ride
                  to hell or somewhere far

                  there are lots to things to think about, but coffee is all that is consuming my mind right now.
                  Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                  By: izchan


                  • News bulletin:
                    I have resigned from my current position

                    Yes ... it is not a poem but I thought I would just update you guys on the current events.

                    Now back to the show ...

                    : Relief
                    I let my breath out finally
                    as if it never left my lungs
                    the tense sensation on my shoulder gone
                    my eyes no longer feeling tired
                    a decision is made
                    and the consequences will come
                    but now, atleast for this moment
                    I feel relief
                    for just a while
                    I feel free again.

                    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                    By: izchan


                    • |--1poemmmmerererz by john
                      |-Second Guessing
                      |Did it turn out right?
                      |Was this the proper way?
                      |Could we have done it better?
                      |Or is there more to say?
                      |Your lips mouthed those words
                      |I couldn't bear to hear
                      |I locked out the sounds
                      |With my own disjointed fear
                      |Did we do things best?
                      |Was there ever another way?
                      |Is this the only ending?
                      |Or could there be more to say?
                      |Reverberating inside my mind
                      |The same words echo throughout
                      |If only my lips would listen
                      |Then maybe they would come out
                      |Why did it go so wrong?
                      |Or is this the only way?
                      |Could we have done better?
                      |There is nothing else to say

                      You referring to your job man? If so, good luck in whatever you move onto next. Peace...


                      • .:: White Wolves ::.

                        I have spent my life in search of warmth
                        And found it at long last by your side
                        I whispered some words into your ear
                        But found I was already torn away
                        I spend my life now searching for that warmth
                        So that once again I may lay my head on your chest
                        And be at peace
                        just as feathery as ever | portfolio | a poignant quote


                        • That's really nice!

                          I was just watching a movie in english class to that fits almost eerily perfectly with. I can't remember what it was called, but it was about a native american named White Wolf who falls in love with a white girl named rachel, on the praries in 1850'ish. She loves him too, but since he's a native american and shes white, they can't be together so they part there seperate ways. They end up back together at the end, but white wolf get's killed because he's accused of kidnapping rachel.


                          • Ready? ...........

                            I'm here in a group full of black distractions.

                            The white angel hasn't come.

                            The black distractions continue to roam the room.

                            The white angel hasn't come.

                            The black distractions continue to roam the room. One flares the crowd. Everything settles. Continuance.

                            The white angel hasn't come.

                            pulse beating in my head, beating over and over and over.



                            The white angel hasn't come.... ... ..... ..... ............................


                            The white angel has arrived.

                            Immediatley the black distractions block her.

                            The transport has arrived. I try to cue a locked seat but it doesn't work.

                            The black distractions smother the white angel.

                            The transport arrives at the palace. This is the prophecy of my mind.

                            The black distractions scatter, only a few clinging to the white angel. I attempt a break but the daughter of the enslaver fuses to the white angel.

                            Slowly the drums beat in my head, I start to hear the blue liquid collaborate with the green, and so I fall into a hue of death and think of my state of mind with all further thoughts.

                            I try to speak but I am diffused. I am diffused from people.

                            The black distractions create an orb of darkness over the white angel.......

                            my white angel.......

                            Then, I enconter the finale, a long stretch of open light! The black distractions try to hang on, but break away, and come back and break away, and come back......and then we come to the zenith.

                            Three black distractions surround her, the white angel, as she is bombarded back and forth with strings of agony, I can only stand and wait.

                            The transport is here. The white angel flies away.

                            I watched her shimmering aura fade, into the cold, dark night, I watched every bit of detail, every light that passed her, I felt every step she took, and when all the light disappeared, she was gone.

                            What once was a simple plan became a journey of hell.

                            Failiure. Defeat. That is all I feel now. I am at the end of the road. All is gone, all has left, I am alone in the nothingness of my life.
                            "It's like saying give a man a Les Paul guitar and he becomes Eric Clapton, and of course that's not true, give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer and he doesn't become...whoever; he doesn't become us." - Roger Waters


                            • |--1poesmssz by john
                              |-Evening Comes
                              |A cool breeze
                              |Caresses your face
                              |While soft grass lies under your feet
                              |A slight chill slithers through your spine
                              |An eerie tingle that grows into a fleeting memory
                              |Just another memory
                              |That slowly fades away
                              |Leaving you with nothing less
                              |Then what you never had to start


                              • cheerios guys ... yeap ... all up and leaving this place.
                                am not too sad about doing it too.

                                Anyway, really good work guys.
                                Pixel ... ... what can I say ... pure art.

                                Raven has stunned me again. What else should I expect. White wolf is beautifully written, and touch the soul in places that I did not know even existed.

                                Toast ... ... you rock. enough said.

                                Will post something new later but for now I leave you with this.

                                : Rough thoughs
                                Delivering me from the deeps
                                Earning my own keep
                                Loving the pain and fighthing it
                                Loosing the battle in my dreams
                                If only there was an espape
                                Believing there is hope yet
                                Maybe I can then tell myself
                                Hell is not that bad
                                Pleasantly hot maybe but not the end

                                so see u guys later.
                                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                                By: izchan