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  • [The beginning of everything]

    Summoning Princess,
    still looking at me,
    bliss fills my whole world,
    when I leave without regret in my heart.
    You will stay here for thousands of years.

    A warm memory, children's joy,
    love for things, not worth much.
    One player, so many memories,
    in this colorful, full notes body...

    Still immortal, my Winamp Classic ...


    Real size my desktop view.

    My first skin on my first PC win98 Pentium I, 200Mhz, 64 Ram. (best Windows ever made). -> win 10 (crap).
    I buy it as kid for 13,15 USD = 50 PLN. Power button is 3x3 cm big.
    Yuna Braska - Final Fantasy X (hair clip is REPEAT BUTTON with animation when click),
    and other like animated cursor with other character from game.
    Then i can only use winamp *.mp3 paint movie and dos games but... i still wont back...
    Now i have 37 years and still remember that time...
    Made on Skinamp program. And little hand made modification.
    Now my pc work 100% speed with witcher on ultra but i still play Missionforce Cyberstorm and Unreal.
    Cheers from Poland.
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    • Time is coming
      Time has arrived
      Time has gone


      • I wish for a house
        With a garden of green herbs
        That sits near a stream

        There are few neighbours
        A bear, some crows, a raccoon
        But mainly; Quiet

        I would cast my runes
        Across an old red linen
        And listen to wyrd

        The eyeless sockets
        Of a gallant buck look out
        A symbol of time
        just as feathery as ever | portfolio | a poignant quote


        • In between waking
          Sometimes I remember it
          September morning

          It was about six
          And dawn had just broke
          It was time to go

          For a brief moment
          As I was coming about
          You were around me

          You were always slight
          Your body like a yew tree
          Thin and flexible

          Barely any warmth
          But what I did feel was yours
          Brief as a sparrow

          If there is one thing
          I never thought would happen
          It was that moment

          You know, awareness
          It slides over, blending time
          Erasing it all

          For one breath's passing
          We had never left Humboldt
          It was still summer

          No days, months, or years
          No fighting, no pain, no rage
          A dog at bedside

          I think you felt it
          Perhaps not so vividly
          But enough to pause

          Then, like that sparrow
          Just as quickly as you came
          You were gone again

          And so was I.
          just as feathery as ever | portfolio | a poignant quote