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  • Originally posted by KrunkedUp187
    if u have read every single one of these, completely, than u have no life!
    Krunked, please. No personal insults. There's no such thing as a solid definition of a "life" to live by.


    • Krunked-

      Einstein believed that imagination was the key to a successful scientific mind... creativity can be for everyone. I don't see how someone can be a successful engineer without creativity or imagination, and those are the things that poetry is made of. It takes a clever mind to understand the laws of physics, and it takes a clever mind to understand poetry. I personally love science and math... but that doesn't keep me from loving poetry.


      • Well said, wildsegolily.

        Here's another contribution to this thread...


        These ill-fitting surroundings
        Are reeking of the hopeless stench
        That forms a film over his skin
        Seeping in,
        It taints him to the core
        Nervous eyes flitting
        Taking in the wretched view
        He gazes down and sees the ground
        Stain upon stain
        Forever imbued in the woven mess
        Beneath his feet
        But in this low point of his life
        He thinks
        Anyone can reach Here
        And anyone can leave Here.


        • Gone for a while

          krunkedup187, hello there. Nice to see that you have come by and gave some comments. Even though the words you set out might sting. I still welcome constuctive critism. So your opinion that the thread is too long to read? Well.. most of the guys on this thread had been participating for sometime now ... so it does not really seem BIG to them, like me ... i just tend to read the last page as those the newer postings. But once in a while, I will go back to the beginning and read from there. It kinds of becomes like a spritual journey for me. But then again ... ... it is just me.

          As for your friends malcom's poem. .. it is funny. I had a nice hearty lough with it. If he will like to post more, please ask him to do so, either via you or using his own nick. We never turn down any contribution.

          Wildse ... ... snowlily is nice. I love the way you did it. But the best yet will be <ironies of love> ... it had a true ring in its words. Definsately one of your best.

          Lee as always ... gothic to the very end.

          sscw46, <here> is true in every word. I feel it strongly. Keep it up.

          : gone for a while
          It might have some time
          before I realize
          that I have left this placec
          and gone on to another chase

          Might not have remembered
          if not for the aching heart
          of the love I have left behind
          building spider webs inside our minds

          People might criticize
          that we might waste our time
          worst yet we are occused of
          wasting away our life

          Yet after all the heartaches
          and crying our silent tears
          we all return here eventually
          after being gone for a while
          getting to know ourselves again
          with new found wisdom in our life

          hope you enjoy this.
          Sometimes it is just being me that counts
          By: izchan


          • Am sitting in my room and came up with this poem while writing an application prototype for a client.

            : The best thing in love
            If love was the best thing in life
            you will be the best thing in love
            for you are the reason
            the sun rise in my life
            and the seasons change in time
            I have nothing to fear again
            for because of you I am stronger

            They might be times that you may doubt
            and you will question my heart for you
            but take this and remember it always
            because of you I am better
            because of you I am whole again

            Know that everything else in life
            is but a passing wander
            to ultimately show me the way
            into your heart again

            Sometimes it is just being me that counts
            By: izchan


            • About a Girl by montana

              she walks in her desert
              black roses blossomed
              birds was quivering
              rain was falling from upstairs

              she tries to finds peace in the jungle
              hollow trees became bigger
              flies attacks her daily
              heavy burdons make her fall

              she swims in her ocean
              blue turns into yellow
              creatures are fading away
              she can't get up

              she thinks about her garden
              a sacret place
              she saw persons intrude it
              will her ever see this?


              • Montana thanks for the contribution, as I and the others have slowed down due to reasons that is beyond our control.

                yet as much as I try to, I could not catch what it is that you are trying to convey. could you enligthen me?

                Thank you.

                here is something for today

                : Two of a kind
                Not a day goes by
                without me wondering why
                the reason for us to survive
                in these vile place we call our own

                Trees are burning down
                and seas resides into murky gloom
                Metal forest grows everywhere
                yet santuary is none to be found

                choking in our own work
                protections are not around
                principles are scarce
                with no one to hold it sound

                not a day goes by
                without me wondering why
                who is it that will kill the earth first
                the devil we know
                or the unknown evil that we live by

                inspired by national geographic.

                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                By: izchan


                • poems?

                  heres a poem

                  check my sig, its the best there is


                  • sadorf, ... yes .. definately one of 'great' talent. Jack be a little nimble next time ... ... i believe the medical expertise today can help out with the little 'accident' with jacks jumping career.

                    Here is today reflection

                    : Whats was left behind
                    Butterflies upon his grave
                    tell a sad story indeed
                    died before him time
                    finished before it began

                    Laying silently inside his mind
                    no heat comings from his life
                    as if it was as it should be
                    a dead among the living

                    lifeless eyes look upon my soul
                    I get the jitters from its cold
                    where have all the passion gone
                    from this man I have once known

                    I say good bye to my friend
                    even if it gives me pain
                    as he has chosen his path today
                    to live his life among the dead

                    Good bye my friend of ages old
                    I bode you luck is yours to hold
                    for I move on now towards tommorow
                    where my life can begin anew
                    leaving behind the burdened soul

                    somehow this poem got out after I came back from a clients place ...
                    I wonder why?

                    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                    By: izchan


                    • Too many love songs will do this to a man ...


                      : My Tower Light
                      A picture of you stands by my bedside
                      the last face I see before I go into the night
                      the first I see when I open my eyes
                      the one thing that I associate with light

                      There is no reason for my being like this
                      some say that I was bewitched by your smile
                      I would rather like to think it was your soul
                      that took my breath away when you came into my life

                      You might not think much when I say the words
                      but to me it is the ultimate conviction
                      that I can express with my limited comprehension
                      the promise is not made to you but to me
                      for when I said forever
                      it is forever I commit my soul and mind
                      and you become my tower light
                      Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                      By: izchan


                      • I wrote this in another thread conerning birthday presents and its diffulty in the whole process.

                        This was my answer.

                        : So what do I do?
                        So what do I do
                        when its her birthday
                        should I just give her a kiss?
                        or my eternal love?

                        So what do I do
                        when its our aniversary
                        I already gave her my life
                        what else is left to give?

                        So what do I do
                        when we celebrate our 70 years together
                        I already gave her all that I have
                        what else can I give to keep her forever

                        So what do I do
                        when she has finally left for heaven
                        My soul had flown along with her
                        I am lost without her voice
                        I will be lost without her care

                        So I made promise to myself
                        that I will love her to last me a thousand lifetimes
                        as when the time comes for her to leave
                        I will be able to go on
                        and I will be able to bath in her memory
                        for then be content untill my life ends

                        Hope you enjoy it.
                        Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                        By: izchan


                        • I Wish...

                          I wish to breath
                          And still have air
                          No one to take it
                          To let me be me
                          Not conform to their demands

                          Shadows in the Wind

                          Pushing forward leaning back
                          No matter how much is put forth
                          It is not enough for everyone else
                          A piece of paper decides your future
                          And if it is not obtained
                          A person is destined for failure in society
                          Trying does not help
                          No one is willing to help the cause
                          Working so hard and yet failing
                          Knowing it is impossible to deal with
                          The torture of real life anyway
                          This shadow of not knowing
                          What to do is caught up
                          In the nonstop wind of life


                          • Something Better

                            Trapped within the torture
                            No were to run or hide
                            Wanting out but staying in
                            Deceived by the illusion of love

                            Waiting patiently and giving
                            Receiving bruises and scares
                            Not leaving for fear of being alone
                            Tricked by love and rejection

                            Light shining through the darkness
                            Showing the truth of what had been
                            Compassion and love found in a simple gift
                            Giving hope for the future

                            Forgetting why the torture was let
                            To be endured for so long
                            Giving strength to have something true
                            Now knowing there is something better


                            • Hello anthene. I love your words. Thank you for sharing.

                              This is in response to Anthenes poems ... ...

                              : In your eyes
                              The very thing that makes us happy
                              are the very one that hurts the most
                              because we open up our hearts to them
                              to bruise and to let us soar

                              People around us
                              are usually those that wants and needs
                              they wish to take and seldom to give
                              and within these times when trouble brews
                              only love can conquer all

                              So unconditionally I tend to be
                              the very person that is me
                              shinning solely for one reason
                              and that is to give warmth to all that listens
                              for I am but one star upon the sky
                              that will fill up your life
                              I will forever shine for you
                              and wait for you to open your eyes
                              only you can decide
                              to be happy or to cry
                              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                              By: izchan


                              • izchan my last poem was about a friend i know, for a while ago she got raped, a week after she got raped, she broke down mentally, and i saw how this girl went from outgoing to befraid of everything.

                                Hollow by Montana & MÃ¥san (a buddy of mine)
                                your love become boredom
                                i didn't mean you to treat you that way
                                i couldn't see what was troubling you
                                now i'm asking you for help
                                she looked at me carefully
                                i wanted to apologize my behaviour
                                i can't be with you any more
                                love can't me understand what's happened