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  • here i am again. after being lost for all that time.

    find someone isaac? i'd love to, but i don't know how.

    in any case, here's something that came out of a very bad night with a friend of mind. she did something i didn't/don't approve of, and i cried after a friend came in and asked if anything was wrong. here's my thought on lasting friendship.

    If ever I should weep

    If ever I should weep at love astray,
    or find that underneath your smiling face
    was caught a fading heart lost in the fray
    of love's doomed passage through this darkened place
    then seek out all the reckless hope I lost
    whilst I did tarry on this clouded path,
    and keep it close at hand when time has cost
    you all that ever kept you from your wrath.
    For naught else can I do in such a snare
    that I did not forsee appearing here
    but send my love and hope that you would care
    to save my heart if I should shed a tear.
    If ever I should find you feeling lost,
    take comfort in the bridges we have crossed.
    PhotoFx -[=]-"Visual forms are not inherent in themselves, but are granted by the act of seeing..." -Trevor Goodchild


    • I went a little weird on this one, but I still like it. it resonates of something I don't quite know.

      <SPLASH!> and my body hits the cold water
      the last words resonate as the cold seeps in.
      "Bye Sucker!"
      Light fades and darkness swirls around me
      A fish steamrolls by and I try to watch it
      "Bye Sucker!"
      Who do they think they are?
      They can't control me.
      I am not a pawn of their little game.
      God helps those who help themselves
      And I am not Helping.
      Really cold now,
      Light escapes my eyes.
      I try to yell.
      Cold water fills my mouth and
      "BYE SUCKER!"
      My brain goes AWOL.
      I struggle.
      I fiddle.
      I shake.
      "Bye sucker." they said and I remember
      The Cold water
      And the new shoes made of concrete.
      One last try at a scream fails me
      God helps those who help themselves.
      It's too late for me.
      Darkness swirls around me.
      "Bye Sucker."
      Go read a book without pictures
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      • There is power in the existence beyond the visible observable realm around us in which we live in,
        Though we are still, and powerlessless to what lives around us,
        everything we do as a whole, as mankind,
        creates the direct impact we experience in our everyday lives and overlook as if it were a depressing feeling.

        The end is coming, but only because were bringing it!


        • Just in time for Vetrans day...

          The War On Peace

          Archduke Franz Ferdinand shot in the head
          4 years, 3 months and 14 days later 37 million dead!
          Everyone was in the ground so we were just unaware
          Until planes came in and saw all from the air

          Oh my god I’m going insane
          This is just too much for 10% of my brain
          It’s just like the crooked police
          I can’t take much more of this War On Peace

          Germany blitzkriegs its way onto Poland
          America drops the A-bomb on Japan(d)!
          $562 billion was the total cost
          This time around on 55 million lives lost

          Am I the only one losing my mind?
          Or am I the only one that’s not blind?
          When will all this madness cease
          Not as long as we have this War On Peace

          Next up is the Cold War
          Now my favorite Union isn’t around anymore
          The wall came crumbling down
          No more sickle and hammer and Soviet is just a common noun

          Walk the streets with my sidearm
          Just trying to keep them free of harm
          Watching out for myself and my niece
          All in the name of The War On Peace

          Send our young men unprepared into ‘Nam
          Such a useless fight, how were we suppose to remain calm?
          The one war we could not win
          So we just choose to take it on the chin

          That’s it, I now officially refuse to think
          I’ll take my camo’ and this 40 to drink
          Take time off to retire in Greece
          I refuse to be involved in this War On Peace

          Nixon decides to start up the Drug War
          Kids just doing them more and more
          Billions of tax dollars snorted up D.E.A.’s nose
          And we still be finding ways for our highs and lows

          I declare, “I give up!”
          One more fight I can’t win, “Yup”
          All this hate just needs to decrease
          I’ll wave my white flag for The War On Peace

          Oxymoron? The War On Terror!
          Did the president think or just have an error?
          All over two “twins” shot in the head
          Only time will tell how many end up dead...

          By: Lyle Wilson
          Last edited by QHOBBES; 11 November 2002, 07:48.


          • Beautiful eyes cascading over a midsummer night sky,
            Heading to a wayward boundary sad, wanting to cry,
            Traveling over the lakes and mountains,
            Trying to find the girl he lost near a fountain,
            Searching behind the rocks and trees,
            He lowers to the ground and begs on his knees,
            "Please my love come back to me.....,

            A soft wisping voice is heard through a clearing,
            "My love to thee, please come to me"..
            He climbs through the brush only to spot his lovely maiden,
            Her hair blowing in the wind, so golden,
            They want each other for a long while,
            So they throw their clothes in a pile,
            And make love by the fountain,
            Behind the summerglow crescending over the mountains.
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            • Memories
              by Janet James
              Memories shared and forgotten,
              The moment hopes laid on it
              Cowardly goodbyes;
              Loss of compassion towards another alike
              One who faced everyday looks back
              A plain pail forgotten image
              Stairs back meaning nothing
              Who can strongly be at fault?
              The good,
              Can’t do anything wrong.
              The Angels of the past
              The ghosts of reality
              In an illusion of peace



              • Wow athene. I was wondering where you were.

                The Future is Yours

                By Unknown author, late 23rd century.

                The future is yours
                It shall not wait
                Drifting forever
                In a quiet wake
                Leaving only a trail
                Of its hollowed spell
                And then fading
                Into the present and past
                The future is yours
                But not all the time.
                "These are the rules. If you dont like them, I got others"

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                • Wow, the 2 weeks of my absence and I get works of arts like this on the thread. ... I am so happy that people are still contributing.

                  Thank you all for the support.

                  Photo, well ... I finally found the secreat to finding a partner. DON'T TRY TO FIND ONE. when it happends it just happends.

                  Fickle ... nice little set of words you have there, given that you did loose me the first time I read it.

                  Dynamik .. ... If memory serves me right, you have posted once before but it has been sometime since then. Keep it coming man ..

                  Lee, we are getting to see more of your sentimental side, no? .. ..

                  Athene, one of my favourites ...Is Janet you or am I reading some other talented poets work ... .. either way, I love it.

                  QHOBBES, forever you live up to your namesake. HOBBES the thinker .. ... yes the reasons for war has always been the wrong one, but eventually, we forget why we fight, and why we should not. As for the war on terror, apparently, the US wants to bring some of that war into my own backyard. Hopefully, he does not just accidently bomb my house, it is the only one I have.

                  Cameron221, a late 23rd Century work? I must be having too many time traveling novels on my shelf that I don't even question the possibility of it anymore ... ... anyway, I love the way the words are used. Simply marvaelous.

                  My absence for 2 weeks was due to being bed riden by my sprain back. Was in serious pain, and have more than ever put my perspective under the microscope.

                  Too much has happend and too many more not done.

                  Hope to write something new soon.

                  as for the time being, I hope that more of you will start to contribute again.

                  Enjoy your weekends people.
                  Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                  By: izchan


                  • This sounds a bit off as if I am drunk. But it is a poem after a long period of resting. My brain is still foggy.


                    : A way to love

                    Sometimes when I move away
                    I feel your eyes on me
                    leaving a mark on my back
                    hoping that I will be
                    safe and sound
                    to return to you
                    never leaving again

                    I can only tell you this
                    like the lyrics on the song
                    I will love you forever
                    and forever is not too long
                    I will return to your side
                    no fear of that being a lie
                    because of you therefor I am I

                    Like no promise made before
                    I pledge my soul to you
                    hold me preciously in your heart
                    as I do the same for you
                    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                    By: izchan


                    • izchan, i got my handle from Calvin and Hobbes (or Qualvin and Hobbes
                      and I do believe the creator of Calvin and Hobbes named Hobbes after
                      the thinker Hobbes)

                      I Don’t Care

                      A stab in the head, a knife in the back
                      Now I feel like jack
                      I’m just trying to leave this place
                      Where everyone has the same face

                      I remember the good and the bad
                      And all the punks and chicks that made me mad
                      But most importantly I’ll never forget
                      That time I took my very first hit

                      Of weed, oh yeah it was heaven
                      I believe I was just eleven
                      Now my friends and I are just drunks
                      But we like to think we’re punks

                      Like we have made it to the big time
                      But we don’t care as long as we make a dime
                      Bag, is what I put on my head
                      Whenever I think I’m dead

                      Tired, of waiting for you
                      I’ve been waiting and you’re slower than glue
                      Give me a reason that you’re late
                      But I don’t care, cause I’ll never have this first date

                      I wonder if I’m better off without me
                      When I’m gone, how’s it gonna be
                      And the only card we need is the ace of spades
                      Cause this just another one of my masquerades

                      By: Lyle Wilson


                      • Hot Home Arizona

                        We’re the last one to become a state
                        Founded on V-day, February 14th was the date
                        So what if Arizona smells
                        At least we don’t get our water from wells

                        Jake Plummer you have the arm of a girl
                        No OFFENSE ladies, his spiral makes me want to hurl
                        It’s time to bid fare well
                        Pack your bags and leave Mr. Bidwill

                        Sheriff Joe is just a fat, lazy cow
                        Toughest sheriff in the country, wow! *sigh*
                        Everyone seems to hate him
                        What dumb asses are electing the guy? Certainly not Slim!

                        We couldn’t legalize pot if our lives depended on it
                        3 or 4 propositions, pass or fail, we’re still treated like shit
                        Oh yeah, Mr. Simington, you can suck my fat cock
                        Robbed the elders and left them to live under a rock

                        A billion dollars in debt
                        At least terrorism is not a threat
                        Too poor even to rob
                        Janet you better get us out of this, it’s your fucking job

                        We got the worst education
                        And we’re the 7th dumbest in the nation
                        Allwhitetukee seems like it’s own persona
                        But nothing will ever replace good ol’ Arizona

                        By: Lyle Wilson


                        • i still have writer's block....but i managed to produce this poem..

                          Time to Say Goodbye by Lee

                          When times were tough,
                          And our lives were rough,
                          I knew there was something I had to do,
                          To separate myself from you.

                          Life was crazy after we met,
                          It still is even as I slept,
                          Left without a doubt, a bedroom of lies,
                          I know you told me, and I cried.

                          Should've known you didn't care in the first place,
                          Teased me at the club like candy and lace,
                          A most prized possession that you seem to partake,
                          Soon after blowing out the flaming heart within like a bday cake.

                          You tore away my heart the minute I set foot into your home,
                          Piece by piece degraded over time I stayed there,
                          And you being the selfish girl, didn't really care,
                          As I watched myself become your property.

                          I've changed now, you wouldn't recognize me anymore,
                          A person with a changed heart, with the hole you tore,
                          Not that you knew me back then,
                          But now I remember in the end.

                          Remember what happened between us,
                          What you did to me was unjust,
                          When I say this don't cry,
                          Forgive me.....
                          But it's time I said goodbye.
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                          • and this one...

                            Look to the Sky by Lee

                            Look to the sky,
                            To the stars above,
                            Seeing the person I love,
                            A love that will never die.

                            You're the star,
                            Always burning bright,
                            Keeping my hopes alight,
                            Eventhough you're so far.

                            I'll always will keep wishing for you,
                            Also with my lucky charm too,
                            To share the love together,
                            I'll keep looking at the sky
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                            • Something that I came up with...what do ya think?

                              My Last Stand by Lee

                              We have come a long way,
                              Ever since I met you that night.
                              Side by side together,
                              That our ring will say forever...

                              By the dawn of the sun,
                              Our lives haft turned gray,
                              We fight, bicker, everyday,
                              And it is misery instead of fun.

                              I'm tired of it all,
                              I must remain strong,
                              Honey, even though this is wrong,
                              I must make my stand,

                              ..I hope you can understand...
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                              • QHobbes my friend, I did guess that you took the name from the comic. But the amount of thought that you put into your words reminds me of the the thinker himself. Your work is as always thougt provoking.

                                Lee, well ... what can I say, you are grown? ... ... good for you.

                                As for me.

                                Today ...

                                : Another day
                                Just another day
                                like yesterday and the day before
                                I woke up feeling sorry
                                for all the things not done
                                Seldom do I know
                                what is and what not in life
                                but fear is the worst thing
                                that drowns a man's delight

                                Seeing all those that was night
                                is now day and bright
                                why not my soul
                                which is in demise

                                My heart aches for release
                                for all the sins I know
                                the pictures in my mind
                                do not let me forget
                                only a solemn prayer
                                to that is forsaken
                                my worst nightmare
                                a knife in my heart
                                the final nail into my coffin
                                Something is bothering me within my deepest thougts.
                                I have done something that I am not proud of, and it haunts my soul.
                                To some others it might not be important, but to me it is everything.
                                The very foundation in which I stand on.
                                Just have to let myself fall, so that when I read bottom, I can stand again.

                                Or else .... only time can tell.
                                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                                By: izchan