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  • Originally posted by izchan
    : Frictions of the mind

    wrote this in McDonald this morning, while looking at a 5 year old playing. It made me wonder, and so I wrote it down.

    hope you enjoy it.

    see ya all later.
    Wow, i really like that. I dig the philosophically edged poems. Here is one that is on the same lattitude if not longitude:


    • Great poem Orgone Man!
      Forgotten by Lee

      Cast down into the pits of this realm,
      Air smells foul, a river flows swift,
      All around, lies a wasted land,
      Filled with the screams of the dead.

      Haplessly wandering the darkened path,
      Seeing the horrors only found in a hellish dream,
      A nightmare so unreal,
      Butt, I have yet to wake up.

      Talking to these unknowns seem to lead me nowhere,
      Their sullen faces, hollowed in by the weariness,
      Speaking to me with hoarse whispers,
      And then crumble to the ground like dust.

      It said:

      "The longer you stay,
      Your memories will fade,
      Becoming a nonexistent soul,
      Your days here will grow old."

      Chilled by his last words,
      Hoping he would say something more,
      About a way out of here,
      Only muttering,
      "Your beginning to the near".

      Walking on to a cliff,
      Down below, a horrid sight to see,
      A river flowing with the damned,
      Trying not to picture that it could be me.

      Hope is around the corner though,
      On the other side there lies a portal,
      To where it may lead, I'm sure it's better than here,
      Making a running leap of faith...


      I opened my eyes,
      Did I make it?

      I hear the few words in the background
      That would later find out my fate...

      "Your son has been in a horrid car accident with another driver that was very drunk.
      His status is not very good, he has permanent brain damage, and is slowly losing consciousness as we speak"

      "Your son is suffering greatly, his body will succumb to the fatal injuries and pass on....I'm sorry"

      With that last sentence, I slowly lose grip of my life,
      Bright lights appear and a portal opens,
      I leave the real world with a smile upon my face,
      Only to step into this godforsaken place....again.
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      • Hey everybody.
        Everyone’s poems are awesome
        I love reading them all.

        I'm currently working on this huge poem but it's not done. So I thought, because I haven't written a poem for a while, that I'd better put a filln' till I'm finished my real project - Because of this the filln' poem is not the best and sounds more like a statement than a poem. Therefor, I will understand if you do not like it.

        So, here it is:

        You were built for me
        and I was built for you
        Because I am free
        Free enough to travel this far
        To see you
        Because were free
        Me and you
        Why do I know this?
        Because we both can dream
        So cross-over the Mountains
        And we'll travel together
        We'll sit by the rocky stream
        Where the shyful pastures meet the sun
        Why do we journey together?
        Because were family
        I won't let you bleed
        I won't let you die
        Because were family
        How do I know this?
        Because we both can dream

        It's ok if you don't like it
        It's not my best work
        formely known as knightfairy > Theodis > DJ Theodis


        • I just whipped this out in a fit of utter over-complacency.


          • Knight Fairy. Its not bad. Will like to see the finished work soon.

            Orgone. ... yes I definately likePreferable peak.

            Here is something that you made ME think ...

            What is age
            I was asked by a boy
            to some might say
            it is death cometh now
            yet strangely I believe
            that there is more to it
            for age seems to be
            my path to redemption

            In my eyes
            age is but an indicator
            of how far I need to go
            the larger the number
            the closer I am to freedom

            But most significant of all
            age seems to me
            to be marker of my travels
            it is as if when I was born
            I was flung far from home
            only by traveling back this path
            would I smell the flowers of peace again
            age then becomes my journey home

            Chew on this. Wrote it in a hurry.

            Talk to you guys tommorow.
            Sometimes it is just being me that counts
            By: izchan


            • Great philosophy on Aging Iz! Liked it alot!
              Here's my contribution: it's a poem/pic project im workin on. I got the words now..just got to add it to the pic!
              Fade To Black III by Lee

              A lonely teardrop equals a million sorrows,
              It hurts to remember it clearly like it was yesterday,
              But my life changed drastically and fell away,
              Only to look forward to a painful tomorrow.

              I only see what's the outcome in these dreams,
              A handful of lies being told,
              And the reflection of my soul screams,
              As it lies there naked and cold.

              I bow down thy head in grief,
              What has befouled my very existence,
              That changes the color of my skin like a leaf,
              Hope lies in the furthest distance.

              Continuous changes take over me,
              I'm beginning to fade,
              Ending only in the murky 'black',
              The place where I was made.

              Fading....fading...into the eternal waters,
              Never to rise again...but only leaving a partial goodbye,
              Reflections arise of me every night,
              But disappear upon the morning light.

              May only tears my fall to the ground,
              Leaving only the slightest sound,
              Each equals a million sorrows,
              Hopefully my day will be better tomorrow.
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              • Can't wait to see what the pic is ...

                I wonder. How many people actually still visit our pages. Has the thread grown so large that it no longer garners attention from new members?

                it is after 19 pages now. And reading through the whole thread does seem to be a task by itself. And yet strangely I feel the need to read it all over again. maybe it is just my monthly "fallout" syndrom ... .. the the bad pizza that I ate last night.

                Boxes of memories
                block my view ahead
                as if the past had a grudge
                grumbling inside my head
                silent whispers that haunt my dreams
                promising things on confusing thoughts
                am I going crazy
                why do I fall
                when answers lay bare for me
                able to see them all

                So no reasons left
                no where to run
                no longer fun
                I ask for it to end
                so that I might start fresh again

                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                By: izchan


                • Surprisingly are indeed a dedicated Poet of Winamp...cuz most of your posts are in this thread only..never seen you post anywhere else
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                  • Ah the reason for that is that I post only when I feel the urge to speak or to clarify on other threads. It is hard enough that the members are getting quite worked up over the discussion we have, that I do not wish to make them feel as if their oppinions are not good. I just wished to have decent talks where individuals can express themselves without feeling being victimized.

                    True, my voice has been a little quiet for sometime.
                    I use to post quite often on another long thread, which is the first one I participated in this forum. Actually ... ... I have atleast 100+ post that is from that thread alone.

                    Anyway. Will try to move out more, just so that people know that i am still here.

                    : Hush words
                    Being silent over the years
                    have trained me to be more thoughtful
                    spying the small things in life
                    I better understand its potentials
                    not wishing to make things worst than it is
                    I speak only with my heart open
                    even then we still get hurt
                    over the fact that we are mortal
                    on the facts that we can all be wrong

                    So mistakes made are then forgotten
                    yet trully I only wished to be forgiven
                    so I keep these thoughts of mine
                    bottled up within the genie's shrine
                    hoping that one day will come
                    when someone will rub it
                    wishing to know the truth behind
                    all the lies that we live in
                    for the secrete of the devine life
                    is the ability to differentiate
                    the cruel and the benign

                    talk to you all later.

                    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                    By: izchan


                    • I can relate to "hush words" sometimes. The first half sums up how I feel when "out in the world" and not in the security of "at home" or "around friends". Good stuff.

                      This next one of mine is to be read as if someone finds a written dialogue between two people and begins to read it.


                      • ...very nice people.


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                          • Hey guys Jedi's back Sorry I haven't posted in a while but heres some of my latest work-


                            Death has perceived me
                            To my last drop of blood
                            I sit here in darkness
                            Surronded by misty air
                            My future is foggy
                            My past is shrouded in forgotten memory
                            I can see my present up to my finger tips
                            The rest is a total mystery of tommorow.

                            Death has perceived me
                            For the whole of my life
                            I stand by the waters edge
                            It beckons me
                            I wade in to find it cold and harsh
                            The riddles of the deep question me
                            I don't know how to dispute their debrief.

                            Death has perceived me
                            Its walked all my steps
                            I kneel in the earth
                            Drowning in rain
                            I aprehedn my future still
                            My past is lost in the raining shower
                            Which has sunk to low for the roots of memory to soak
                            My presents wet with sorrow.

                            Death has perceived me
                            Its been in every shadow
                            I crouch by a burning flame
                            It calls my name
                            I dare not put my hand any closer
                            But I better think again
                            A force pushes me
                            I'm burning in hell.

                            Strive On

                            My happiness is vanquished
                            In an evapouration of dreams
                            I don't understand
                            What my life means
                            I know it means something but what?
                            Sure shit happens but we still strive on
                            To get the gold at the end of the rainbow
                            Thats why we endeavour the worst
                            Knowing we can never hit rock bottom
                            So we'll stand on the rocks and the bad times will pass
                            Nothing lasts forever other than love
                            Just remember I'm here for you
                            If you can't suceed alone
                            We'll suceed together
                            And keep hold of your dreams
                            Every clouds has a silver lining
                            A blessing in disguise
                            So nothing is it seems.

                            Drink and Drugs

                            Bruises fade
                            But the pain remains the same
                            A young girl screams "no more"
                            Her father hits his wife who falls to the floor.

                            Crys of pain fill the room and bounce of all the walls
                            The girl curls up in a ball of tears
                            Her father grabs his wife and strikes her once more
                            This was one time to many.

                            The girl gets up and runs out the door
                            Her mother lies dead on the tier
                            She lives no more the father stands by her body
                            In a morbid mess she lies.

                            The little girl stands by a cliff
                            Tears swelling in her eyes
                            She jumps off and plummets into the unkown
                            Lieing at the bottom motionless.

                            The father hasn't realised how much he lost
                            He abused his wife
                            Neglected his daughter
                            Due to drinking and drugs.

                            the midnight sky

                            stars are pretty
                            in a midnight sky
                            with a moon floating silently by
                            peace lingers in the air
                            a gentle breeze blows
                            the waves lap upon the golden sand
                            I sit there in total silence
                            wacthing the clouds sail like tiny boats in a deep blue sea
                            if only every moment of my life could be this peacefull
                            then I might stop this suicidal way
                            and my life would be better and i would be happy
                            If only my wish would come true
                            no matter how many times i wish upon a star
                            i know my goal isn't that far.

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                            • well.... all of my shit is gone b/c I got my account at angelfire kicked for some odd reason...


                              • something tells me that I should say ...

                                HI un0 ...

                                today I will keep silent.

                                work is heavy.

                                Talk to you guys later.
                                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                                By: izchan