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  • Oh My God.....knightfairy that poem is so beautiful, its the best poem I have read in a while a real sence of ohh whats the word imagery and understanding yeah. You used figurative language brillinatly I'm gonna save thst poem and keep it
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    • If you look at what trinity 3 says, you'll see he always uses
      2 big words. - one at the begining and one at the end of each sentence.
      the first word is the same amount of letters as the second word, and the first word also starts with the same letter as the second.
      just thought you may not have noticed that little trick
      of mine.
      so, yeah, enjoy it.
      formely known as knightfairy > Theodis > DJ Theodis


      • KnightFairy:

        That's beautiful. I have a way with words, but nothing so well as that. I commend you.
        I must say though... Reminds me of the character Gabrielle in my book... Startling similarity... Hmmm...

        Putting that thought aside, I hope you write more like it.
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        • I am most flatered by your complaments. I will make sure that I will have plenty of poems ready to post for you guys when I get the chance to come by for a while
          formely known as knightfairy > Theodis > DJ Theodis


          • The Spirit Whispers by Lee
            A continuation of Fade To Black

            Tearing me away from reality,
            Wallowing into a surreal fantasy,
            My own personal hell turning me inside out,
            No one to silence my cries or shouts.

            My peers abandoning all hope left inside,
            Left to myself alone, nowhere to hide,
            From the fear that lingered below,
            A heart that perspired hope, began to mellow....

            Couldn't stay in this same cell,
            Waiting for hope to come time can tell...,
            Need to unrattle the chains from my wrists,
            Freeing them with the blood from my fists.

            My bare hands tearing away the black wallpaper,
            Scraps of paper lie on the floor as I continue,
            But to my dismay lies an empty,
            Hope fading once again....I can only tune out to a nearby voice....


            "come with me.....come..with me....

            A distant twinkling amidst the blackened landscape,
            Faint, but stronger as I inch closer to the torn walls,
            The voice growing stronger from outside,
            Renewed strength and vigor within......I take a step back...

            ..and run towards the wall....

            Smashing the black velvet of my life,
            Entering the allustrial brilliance of the sunlight,
            Sounds of laughter and voices can be heard,
            And one familiar person walking towards me...

            Laying his hand on my shoulder,
            A warm smile on his face...

            "....come with me....a new beginning awaits..."

            He sprouted his wings, such brilliant white feathers...

            "Oh...and join me with your new gift"

            My body felt different, like it grew a new part,
            Walking to a near lake and peering into it's subtle waters,

            Gold blonde curls, no more straight laced jet black twists,
            New bright face, no more depressing eyes or a sag.
            And the wings I so longed for to come true,
            Now becoming part of me....


            Borne into the skies in which I fly,
            No longer shedding the tears I cried,
            A new beginning aspires,
            It burns in my heart like wildfire.

            Transformed into beauty that existed,
            Deep inside a soul once twisted,
            Only to break free,
            And become my inner beauty.

            I now start life over with a new degree,
            A word now etched into my body...."Free",
            Away from the pain, away from sorrow,
            The hope will remain after tomorrow.
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            • Yes ... definately more to come ... ... I am so happy that one of our thread members are so well liked ...

              White raven ... ... you said you are good with words ... so us some work ... I think we will all like to read what you have in your private storages ...

              No poems today ... have tonnes to work.

              Talk to you all later.
              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
              By: izchan


              • yes...we loved someone else posting in here besides me and izchan...gets boring reading izchan's and my poems constantly.
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                • Wow Lee that poem is brilliant I loves it Heres a pretty crap poem but still I think its worth your times to read-

                  The Soldier

                  A soldier
                  Stands in solitude
                  Alone they stood
                  Together they fell
                  Bodys decompose
                  Their bloody flesh hangs lifelessly
                  A gentle wind blows
                  Whipping this young soldiers hair around
                  Weapons of war have been fought
                  Guns were loud like birds calls
                  Now silence has fallen
                  Guns and screams sound no more
                  The dawn of hope rises
                  Bleached a tinted red
                  The sun sheds tears of lonliness
                  The soldier looks out over the horizon
                  Sun glaring her face
                  Clouds glide by
                  Undaunted by this atrosush sight
                  A victory is blasted
                  Tears roll down the girls cheek
                  Its fall among the dead bodys
                  Vanquished in a pool of crimson red
                  This war is over
                  What about the next war?
                  Or the war after that?
                  Wars will never solve anything
                  Just cause death and pain.

                  not very good but still. Heres another one for today-

                  You Were Never There

                  I sit here alone in the dark
                  Thinking of you
                  Nothing here
                  Wind blowing gently against my hair
                  Curtains with holes flutter
                  Rain lashing outside
                  Thunder and lightning
                  Bolting and rumbling in a distance
                  Time stands still not ticking an inch
                  I fell neglected and pain
                  Agony, torture and insomnia
                  I cannot sleep, I cannot rest
                  All my voices call in my head
                  Lost in a whirl of my miscarry plan
                  My mind lies in rags at my feet
                  Defeat and deceit surrond me
                  The room im in is like a dakr shadow
                  Never leaving my side
                  Shutters rage and rattle at the window
                  Floor boards crea and moan
                  The walls are rotten like they hold a thousand memorys
                  You were never there and never will be
                  I might as well face it
                  I'm alone in this room alone to die
                  I break down in tears and cry
                  My heart seizes and my body shakes violently
                  I lie in a grusesome macabre mess
                  My death lingers in the air
                  Yet you however were never there.

                  Hope you like them.
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                  • Excellent wording in the second poem. Very dark very descriptive, I'm always a fan of your works
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                    • War is peace

                      the inner struggle that noone knows
                      the outer conflict that doesnt exist
                      what one man thinks they will believe
                      but what others feel they must follow.

                      war is peace and peace is war
                      they fight and fight and fight some more
                      rape and pillage is all they do
                      the parents scream out till theyre blue.

                      the war goes on until theres peace
                      when no one finds anything but greif
                      in their greif there's nothing but war
                      in their war there's nothing but joy
                      in their joy there's nothing but peace
                      and in their peace there's nothing but war.

                      war goes on until we die
                      until the time where we are high
                      so in this time we must fight
                      or we will be the victims of the plight
                      and in our sight we will not see
                      the only victim is no one but me.

                      so time goes on until we die
                      till the time where time stand by
                      and when its standing where will we be
                      but other than in our memories.


                      • My love a dragon you were
                        Soaring above the clouds
                        You shone when the water touched your lips
                        that was when I saw you.
                        I had been waiting for you
                        Though I hadn't known
                        Sitting atop the broken life of a tree.
                        You were dirty but beautiful
                        Strong with your youthful glory
                        Why can't we just get rid of this world
                        Let's be in our own
                        I can't take this spinning wheel of chance
                        Because my love you were the dragon
                        And still you are strong in your youthful glory
                        How you shone at the blade's end of battle!
                        Whatever made you turn your head and meet my gaze...

                        I'm so uninspired right now... I need to think up some ideas... -.-
                        just as feathery as ever | portfolio | a poignant quote


                        • I have to object on some of arcanes comment.
                          It gets bored reading MY OWN POEMS only ...
                          but an absolute joy to read everyone elses ..

                          so keep it coming.

                          Jedi. Excellent word. I concur with Arcane on this one, [You were never there] is a very good read.

                          : Never there
                          Even when the sun shine on me
                          my shadows never reached your side
                          your eyes never catch my presence
                          my being there was invisible
                          I am just like air

                          You said that you were not loved
                          that no one understands your pain
                          yet never for once wondered
                          who made your morning coffee
                          who gave you flowers every day
                          it was all granted without fee
                          as if I was never there

                          Moving my thoughts to better times
                          when I can still see your smiles
                          when you smelled of morning dew
                          I missed those more innocent days
                          when you loved yourself more

                          So I am here no longer
                          not in your world anymore
                          you grieve your tears inside
                          shutting out my reaching arms
                          with only anger as your friend
                          as I watch sadly from afar
                          Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                          By: izchan


                          • Random ... i feel your poem, ... it really touches my soul.

                            Raven.... wow !!! ... very well done.

                            Hope to see more.

                            Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                            By: izchan


                            • monkey sit'n in a tree
                              he's funky just like me

                              jumpin in the sea
                              he's got a fricken knee

                              he laughs like a bee
                              and runs like me

                              smack'n my buns
                              oh it's some funs

                              monkey is funny
                              I'm have'n sex with a bunny

                              Monkey is runny
                              just like my tummy

                              Oh it's so funny
                              he makes a lot of honey

                              monkey wears some shoes
                              monkey likes his booze

                              it is so nice for him
                              he picks his ass with a finger

                              formely known as knightfairy > Theodis > DJ Theodis


                              • KNIGHT ... you have just grossd me out on that new one. :P

                                good night people.
                                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                                By: izchan