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    Izchan, that one was sweet.


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      Here's an obfiscated sonnet I wrote a few weeks ago. Rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH IJIJ. Ten syllables per line, iambic, etc. Turn (as usual) in the last two lines. Enjoy.

      - Jarsonic


      I Am Not My Own

      I am not my own. I hold not, live not.
      I am dead, as far as the world can see.
      Wistful for days of ignorance, I sought
      The times past when living was so carefree,
      Days when my life seemed less painful, I thought.
      What drove me to this? Not dimming; but a sort
      Of glorious light, to which I have naught
      To compare. Dirt and flesh, all fallen short
      Of what I was made to be. I abide
      In the Fall. I lost before I arose:
      I never knew how dark I was inside,
      How frightened I could be of my shadows.
      I am not my own. Set apart, I boast
      In the fact that my sin has lost its grip.
      Pressed on all sides... but not broken. So close.
      Revel in weakness; Power made perfect
      In my fractured self. Enveloped by Grace,
      I strive onward... for I am not alone.
      Thus I decrease, so that He may increase
      In my life. You see... I am not my own.

      - Hunter Chorey
      do justly | love mercy | walk humbly


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        OH MY GOD!!!!!

        Jarnosic, that was awesome ... blew me away ...

        I have never written a sonet before ... .. some simple songs for the fun of it, but not a sonet ... that was amazing.

        The lyrics are very nicely done, and the words are to the point. I particualartly like the way you dance around the words I AM NOT MY OWN so well. I tend to write like that too, but not very succesfull everytime.

        Do you have more to share? Send it all in, I know for a fact that people in this thread will love to read more stuff like that.

        here is today's contribution.

        : In life we wonder
        Have you ever wondered
        what you will do
        if you do not need to worry
        and you never need to cry

        Have you ever imagine
        what it will be
        if life were perfect
        and nothing bothers the sky

        Have you ever thought
        that if everything was different
        than everything will be right
        all will be good again

        Yet how boring it will be
        if things never go wrong
        if life was so predictable
        that change cannot be conceive

        And how scarry it becomes
        when one no longer live anymore
        living day in and day out
        life like a dog
        just the canine and its fleas
        death due to lack of originiality
        Something I wrote for the new year ... ... enjoy.
        Sometimes it is just being me that counts
        By: izchan


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          Thanks, Izchan.

          Here's the poetry section of my site:


          - Jarsonic
          do justly | love mercy | walk humbly


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            Ok people, something for that just came out ...

            : Just so you know

            How many times do I tell the lie
            so that I can believe in the name of love
            and forget all that was hurting in me

            How many times do I need to avoid your eyes
            so that I can admire something that does not exists

            So help me love why is it always me
            that have to move aside for you to move on
            why must I be the one left behind in the dust
            when you take your future somewhere better

            I am tired love
            I am weary
            I have nothing more to give
            and I have nothing more to live for
            so why do I keep on going?
            I do not understand
            I walk the road of a dead man
            I sing the song of sorrow tune

            Why do I keep this charade at all
            I have no idea
            I think I never will
            just have to let it go now
            this burden that have me subdued
            free to wander once more
            into the world without a clue
            into the world without a you
            Side note: Last check on Nemesis poem poll, leading by 5 is Jarsonics
            'I am not my Own' ... remarkable pieace of poetry.

            Any one who wishes to post their poem here is welcomed and encourage so, we discuss about the work that is shared and give our humble opinions of what we think. Though we might not be professional's, we do try to give our two cents without mutilating your work.

            Sometimes it is just being me that counts
            By: izchan


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              my drunk poem

              i wrote this when i was drunk and high, i just found it on my desk 5 minutes ago.

              my ears are red from the headphones
              my eyes are erd from the weed
              my head moves back
              and yanks the plug from the speaker
              and my empty ears bleed
              red sugar running
              down my shoulders to the carpet
              soaking in and staining
              plug the phones back in
              fill my ears again with candy.

              i was really drunk- whoa! new smilies < my favorites>

              In space no one can hear you scream.


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                Art comes in the strangest of times ...

                stttafffy, welcome to the thread, your weed is really bringing the best of you ... if this is the quality in which you get when you are high, I can almost wonder what you can write when you are sober ... ... good work keep it coming.

                Today's contribution come in a different kind of tune ...

                : Heart Slaves

                We are slaves of our hearts
                Whatever it wishes we provide
                Whatever it fancies we supply
                we battle the unseen just to get
                the diamond that sits in the sky

                Yet our hearts often flikers
                Never knowing what it wants
                Seldom the same from one second to another
                often not remembering yesterday's lover

                Like a drunken monkey
                our hearts will wander
                until one day some passer by
                will come and cage it inside
                their walls of solid will
                with candy words and sweet aroma
                the passer by soften our hearts
                and captures our hearts desire

                At the end we are still a slave to our hearts
                and the love of our life becomes its master
                Now this is something I just cooked up, it sounds a bit different from my usual work, but hey, nothing new, nothing gained ...
                Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                By: izchan


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                  Todays little insight ..

                  : Innocence’s

                  Sometimes we do what we do
                  because of the unseen whom
                  the ghost in us all carefully conceals
                  silently whispering into our hearts
                  making us all old and confused

                  Yet a strong heart silences it
                  Thus comes a quiet time of peace
                  with nothing bothering our souls
                  Time can can then come and go
                  while hearts fear no disappointment
                  life refreshed like morning dew

                  Like a child once again
                  all laughthers and no blues
                  Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                  By: izchan


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                    Ah ... nemesis has again proven to be a true artist.
                    Nice and simple ideas, the message is strong.

                    Have not written anything for a while, and brain is a bit numbed from the holidays.

                    Here is a try on one ....

                    : Secret love

                    It can't be denied
                    that my heart trembles inside
                    it falters its beat
                    whenever I set you into my eyes

                    It can't be erased
                    these words written on my face
                    what it says plainly obvious
                    my love you are the one

                    Yet it will not be so
                    to those that know how I feel
                    you will not be mine
                    for your heart belongs to my kin

                    So silently it shall be
                    this love inside of me
                    quietly giving you support
                    loving you from out of sight
                    A weak attemp on this, but hey it is better than nothing for today.
                    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                    By: izchan


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                      Based on the song that I have just heard ...

                      : Blind Bat
                      Thinking back again
                      I was just a fool
                      Thinking that I could change the world
                      just to make you feel good.

                      Maybe it is just my blind faith
                      that you understood
                      all that I have done
                      what I will do
                      is only to be able to see you smile again

                      Should it be different
                      I might have done otherwise
                      but the truth is I will never know
                      for the screens have closed in our story
                      You have left me for the fool that I am
                      Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                      By: izchan


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                        language and rhythm
                        awaken my shadowed soul
                        breaths flow like water


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                          Welcome ...

                          Welcome come to the thread Affluentia.

                          Nice Haiku, have not had any one contribute haiku poetry for some time now.

                          Keep it coming, we appriciate contributions from evrerybody

                          :End Note
                          It has been a long tiring of minutes
                          where every second takes my soul away
                          when ticking of clocks mark my ending
                          to an end of this decay

                          Now I lay slowly listening
                          My life sipping down memory lane
                          all that I have done now a motion picture
                          which I direct, produce and narrate

                          So what will I say for my ending
                          did I do the things I wanted?
                          Have I made my dreams come true
                          maybe this is not the end after all
                          rather an interlude before the final call
                          to prepare these last notes of what my life saw
                          A bit depressing, but all the songs in my mp3 list seems to be talking about ending it ...
                          Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                          By: izchan


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                            spent a little while reading this thread........

                            thought i would contribute a little of my own work, a song i am currently working on... and i will give a link to my poetry on the web... my songs are not up, because i have yet to record anything.. any way... here goes nothing...

                            I come apart at the seams, giving you what you need.
                            My energy beams in waves like the sun,
                            I won't rest until my dreams are won...
                            When all my schemes are done,
                            and I'm the number-one-white-rapper-supreme.
                            With all the elevated niggaz on my team.
                            Unrolling like a ream of paper,
                            the masked villian in this hip-hop caper.
                            Stretching your ears like a taper, cuz I'm rhyming greater.
                            Larger than the size of my body, I always rock the party.
                            Making other mc's rhymes sound shoddy,
                            as slick as Rick rocking Lodi Dodi.
                            I gotta be the dopest mc on the scene,
                            not concerned with making pocketfulls of green...
                            But smoking the green almost like a fiend,
                            never out of need, but for a love of the weed,
                            I wish I could be Johnny Hempseed.
                            I'm working on themaster rhymes, to pass the times,
                            As the feeling climbs, like smoking phat dimes.
                            I'll have you pressing rewind, as I infect your mind,
                            trying to help you find, happiness inside.
                            None of us should have to hide our beauty to ride,
                            this trip called life, happiness is our birthright.
                            Love is always within our sight, we can embrace it each day and night,
                            and use it to climb to new heights of spiritual insight.

                            thats all i have for now.... all original, from my brain to my hand to my pen to my pad, i present to you.... myself... peace..
                            Dave Id

                            forgot the link.....

                            feel free to look around the rest of the site... which is in dedication to my boy David Mason, who passed away last year... We love and miss you...


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                              Welcome Dave ID ... your words are touching, strong and sober. I can feel a tad of anger within the words, like shouting for attention. Touching. Like something I would expect when I listen to smash mouth songs.

                              Will visit your site soon, and I hope to be able to hear your songs as well. You have any site that allows your MP3 to be downloaded?

                              Again ... thanks for sharing.

                              And here is todays contribution.

                              : Inner Child
                              Might be a light in the dark places
                              inside those corners of our heart
                              a scared childs tears hanging upon hope
                              praying that an adult will come and save them

                              The older we get
                              the more our child inside scare
                              suffocating from lack of laughther
                              dying from unpopular opinion

                              Yet it is this child
                              that will save our life
                              where the child can see a better future
                              a time where people are actually nice
                              and not just with good acting skills

                              oh how I wish I could let my inner child live again
                              so that I can laugh like tommorow does not matter
                              and the past becomes just a memory
                              where the present rules supreme
                              a child with candy in hand
                              smiles of an angel
                              peace of mind
                              freedom at last
                              Enjoy your days people.
                              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                              By: izchan


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                                We have been punished with this time of year.
                                The Earth has gone to sleep and slowed its breath.
                                It is so cold, so dark, so stark, and drear,
                                the motionless land reminds me of death.

                                Then comes the spring, full of color and birth.
                                The day lengthens and replaces the gloom.
                                Renewal to plants, to the creatures of the Earth.
                                The light strengthens – decay gives way to bloom.

                                In the time of summer, changes occur,
                                gardens burst forth and animals will grow.
                                It goes by so fast as if it’s a blur,
                                and then towards the end, it begins to slow.

                                Autumn returns – memories run so deep,
                                time to pause, rest, reflect, and go to sleep.

                                Written by me
                                Bound by chain of dwarven magic, A tale of trickery, long and tragic,
                                Sword in jaw, awaiting the day, Ragnarok, when all gods shall pay

                                Jesus-half brother.
                                WHERES MY FREE DIGITAL ASSHOLE?!