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  • someone is messing with my phyc ...

    : Kaleidoskop
    More than meets the eye
    is the cruelty hidden behind
    actions from people who are kind
    good intentions kills
    as good as any knife
    when not knowing its consequence

    Some just say its pessimistic
    expecting all to fail
    when the possibility of it happening
    is near to null if ever at all
    but my view stands as it is
    for my job is to prepare
    when kingdoms comes to its end
    i must be the first to see it
    and the last to fall

    Just like all mortals
    living through this game
    breathing in false security
    and seeing illusions of light
    I no longer ask myself now
    what is wrong from right
    for life is but a looking glass
    reflecting our own mind
    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
    By: izchan


    • One-Man Militia

      Wondering the globe looking for God
      Just by myself, not with a squad
      When I ask about her I just get a nod
      And all this hate for her seems so odd

      Why can’t we all just get along?
      Hate is evil, the only right wrong
      What we need is another Mao Zedong
      And one more protest song

      We all know war won’t go away
      I’m suffering from my own disarray
      Children of the world unite and play
      Well maybe someday...

      Surely something has to be done
      Because we all know North Korea won
      Pistol-whipped with a machine gun
      Light my bowl with that napalm and let’s have some fun

      I see no light because I’m hell bound
      I’m always lost and never found
      Go ahead and fire another round
      Maybe someday peace will be renowned

      Not a soldier and not a civilian
      I’ll be bustin’ rhymes tell I’m a million
      Up on stage or down in a pavilion
      Because right now my eyes are vermilion

      By: Lyle Wilson


      • Probably the most grim and morbid the last 4 months.
        Chorus of the Dead by Lee

        The hallway was lined with the screams,
        Like a train wailing its shrilled notes,
        Passing by you each and every day.

        The people speak in forked tongues,
        Only to be ended with a muzzled blast
        Sparked by crying and endless laughter.

        The corridors that lined our forsaken church,
        Walls caked in blood and the floor littered
        With people's clothes.

        The offbeat wailing of cries and fearful screams
        Echoing off the walls of this here sanctuary,
        The place that kept us safe, then destroyed our faith....
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        • I haven't been able to think of anything poetic since I quit smoking weed.

          Hopefully it will come back with time.


          • ok. i wrote this poem a really long time ago and it's crap but what the hell?

            Yesterday I thought of you
            And my heart shed a tear
            Memories all but forgotton
            Always seemed so dear
            I wish we could have stopped the time
            No room for things to change
            I liked them just the way they were
            Now your absence seems so strange
            But really things have not been lost
            You're always on my mind
            And i know some day we will meet again
            In a dream of another time


            • hello Sah'Rah!
              ... welcomed to the thread.
              not trying to repeat myself, but as usual, there is no such thing as bad poems, it is just another point of view.

              post more. we love new blood.
              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
              By: izchan


              • yeah! great poem arcane, need more!!!


                • btw, congrats of major-ship izchan


                  • Here's another one, it may be a little....ummm....dark....but, here it is:


                    Never lived it.
                    Not worth a shit.
                    What's the use
                    When all I get in return
                    Is pain and abuse.

                    Don't know where I'm going.
                    Don't know where I've been.
                    Blind, don't know what I've seen.
                    Moderatio est figmentum

                    No Idols, No Heroes, No Leaders.....Just Pure Inner Strength


                    • Thanks endura, i did not even notice it ...

                      DragonSon, that is a good poem, i can feel it deeply when i read it. good work.

                      some more please ...

                      Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                      By: izchan


                      • Ever wonder that we need a another Living Poets Society competition again?
                        What? WHy? When? by Lee

                        What have I done to deserve this pain?
                        To make my whole life live its own lie,
                        A delusional injustice that love has gain,
                        But leaving me worthless to die.

                        Why have I transcended your presence with mine?
                        Only to be turned away by your vulgar words
                        Endulging yourself in riches, drinking my blood like wine,
                        And wearing the skin that I hide.

                        When did this mind numbing agony begin?
                        And where does this shit end,
                        After all you've done to wither me today,
                        I beg the angels from above to take me away.

                        But this all nothing but a war inside my head,
                        The anger that fuels the Dante Inferno,
                        And when night falls and the stars come out,
                        No one will never my scream or shouts.
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                        • Hello izchan!
                          Here's one from my reality check archives
                          I don't usually share much of this,
                          but here it is:

                          This is me
                          I think
                          I'm not sure
                          I'm looking down
                          I can fly
                          But why am I confined
                          to this corner of the room
                          above the floor
                          near the ceiling
                          Why can't they see me
                          Is that me
                          down there on the table
                          yes it's me
                          I think
                          What are they doing
                          They're hitting me
                          I hear
                          They stopped
                          Why can't they see me
                          up here
                          They move away
                          It is me
                          lying on the table
                          They leave
                          Where did I go
                          What happened
                          I get up
                          I walk out
                          I don't feel so good
                          I'll never do that again
                          Where is my fix
                          Moma cried


                          • hey papadoc ... the ever vigilant one ... ... I love your poem.
                            It is sentimental and direct. Hope you share more ... we appreciate it alot.

                            arcane .. .. the competition is good, hope someone does start another one, so that we could attract more people into writing poems.
                            Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                            By: izchan


                            • well..ur the king of this thread...u do it!!
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                              • Still In Love With The Lie

                                After all I tried to do for you
                                I gave you my soul
                                My heart, and everything else
                                If you wanted it, you could have it...
                                But who are you?

                                I don't recognize you anymore...
                                You're not who you said...
                                You lied to me and dropped my heart
                                Like you swore you never would
                                You told me you hailed me above all else
                                And that only I could save you

                                And so I allowed myself to revolve around you
                                And all I asked in return was love and the truth
                                Just Love and the Truth
                                And that was what you swore you'd give to me
                                You promised me
                                You told me that if you ever hurt me...
                                'Well' you said
                                'That just won't happen' you said
                                And followed by those words was a seal of love

                                Just Love and the Truth was all I asked
                                But Truth is dead
                                it is the zebra that the lion has by the neck
                                Twitching and convulsing in it's final throes

                                You told me you'd love me forever
                                And hold me close, right to you
                                That was all I ever wanted
                                Just your love, and the truth, too...
                                But now I have been forced to see beyond the glass
                                Into you

                                Why am I still in love with the lie
                                Why do I still love you
                                Truth it is the zebra
                                But Love, it is the lion
                                Love is still alive and well
                                And I will still love you forever
                                Even what you did to me
                                My heart made a promise and so did my head
                                I still love you
                                Although I do not love you
                                I love the lie that is my fallen angel

                                When I found out about your deceit
                                Your non existence...
                                My face was drained of all colour
                                And at first I laughed, this wasn't true
                                but yes... it is...
                                Very, too true
                                Maybe I did get the truth after all
                                But definitely not your love...

                                Although I have loved in abscence before
                                Loved without return before,
                                So I can do it again, and I will
                                Even though you are not the lie that I love
                                I still love the lie

                                And down in the veldt of my mind
                                The Truth brays it's last to the sky
                                The rough grass scratches it's wounded leg as it pedals
                                In a convulsive run
                                And then it's all still.

                                I still love the lie.
                                just as feathery as ever | portfolio | a poignant quote