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  • izchan
    This thread has lasted almost 22 years.
    It is quite amazing that its still alive and inching forward.
    Its good to hear from you Toast.
    Nice work by the way.

    Ecliptic Mind
    Silence is loud
    within my hollow mind
    Ringing like a bell that does not exist.
    Reminding me that I am still alive.
    Yet time passes and my soul wanders
    forgetting why I am here to begin with
    expecting the end to come abruptly
    always asking the same questions again and again
    Where am I?
    Who am I?
    Why am I?
    Maybe the question should be simpler
    Does it need to have to be me?

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  • S-uper_T-oast
    Begin again to be
    Whatever is left to find
    Trying this timeless chance
    Absorbing lost ambition
    And wasted aspirations
    Blended by what was left behind
    Less a sense of missing
    More a choice for wishing
    Maybe something has turned to wisdom
    A naive taste of a knowing place
    Not captured then
    Having the ability to reclaim
    Whatever helpful thought might remain
    So many seemingly captive phrases
    That hide their own illustrious spaces
    Was this one seeking me?
    Dragged some how out of forgotten
    It seems to help the slightest way
    That is enough to call it a good day

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  • White Raven
    In between waking
    Sometimes I remember it
    September morning

    It was about six
    And dawn had just broke
    It was time to go

    For a brief moment
    As I was coming about
    You were around me

    You were always slight
    Your body like a yew tree
    Thin and flexible

    Barely any warmth
    But what I did feel was yours
    Brief as a sparrow

    If there is one thing
    I never thought would happen
    It was that moment

    You know, awareness
    It slides over, blending time
    Erasing it all

    For one breath's passing
    We had never left Humboldt
    It was still summer

    No days, months, or years
    No fighting, no pain, no rage
    A dog at bedside

    I think you felt it
    Perhaps not so vividly
    But enough to pause

    Then, like that sparrow
    Just as quickly as you came
    You were gone again

    And so was I.

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  • White Raven
    I wish for a house
    With a garden of green herbs
    That sits near a stream

    There are few neighbours
    A bear, some crows, a raccoon
    But mainly; Quiet

    I would cast my runes
    Across an old red linen
    And listen to wyrd

    The eyeless sockets
    Of a gallant buck look out
    A symbol of time

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  • amyanderson2001
    Time is coming
    Time has arrived
    Time has gone

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  • Bekon
    [The beginning of everything]

    Summoning Princess,
    still looking at me,
    bliss fills my whole world,
    when I leave without regret in my heart.
    You will stay here for thousands of years.

    A warm memory, children's joy,
    love for things, not worth much.
    One player, so many memories,
    in this colorful, full notes body...

    Still immortal, my Winamp Classic ...


    Real size my desktop view.

    My first skin on my first PC win98 Pentium I, 200Mhz, 64 Ram. (best Windows ever made). -> win 10 (crap).
    I buy it as kid for 13,15 USD = 50 PLN. Power button is 3x3 cm big.
    Yuna Braska - Final Fantasy X (hair clip is REPEAT BUTTON with animation when click),
    and other like animated cursor with other character from game.
    Then i can only use winamp *.mp3 paint movie and dos games but... i still wont back...
    Now i have 37 years and still remember that time...
    Made on Skinamp program. And little hand made modification.
    Now my pc work 100% speed with witcher on ultra but i still play Missionforce Cyberstorm and Unreal.
    Cheers from Poland.
    Last edited by Bekon; 15 March 2019, 17:39.

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  • Dark_Blue
    Nice thread. Inspiring and emotional. And so poetic. It made me missed those time I can also write one.

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  • White Raven
    I hold the last timber of Theseus
    Its surface smooth and worn
    Miles have passed beneath this wood
    O'er yawning depths has it borne

    Warped with age it has become
    Now thin and soft with the sea
    But is it the actual final piece
    Of the vessel, or is it of me?

    The ship still stands in the harbour
    Its name freshly painted off the bow
    A testament to the miles I have come
    Across the horizon, the here, and the now

    Every man changes with the tide
    The rise and fall of the moon
    Even the stars will move from their sets
    And for me, the winds come soon

    Whatever the look or the shape of us now
    The carvings adorning our oars
    There is something inside that remains who we are
    However strange the shores

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  • izchan
    Hello friends,
    Its been so long that I have almost forgotten that I could write poems.
    So here is one for the road.

    :: Lazy Friday Afternoon Thoughts ::
    As a critic, we see the glass half empty
    Like a thermometer that is only good for winter
    In a palace full of glitters
    Singing poems of yester years
    Station after stations of yearnings
    A satire glooms over the world
    Even migthy tigers cannot deny
    Measuring its own slow passing

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  • izchan
    Its been a year since the end of our postings.
    We thought all was lost.
    But apparently now.

    So here is me saying hello and good night.

    :: Bold ::
    I am lost
    and I am found
    making way for the blind to see
    I have sinned
    and I have sacrificed
    praying that all is as it should be
    We have fallen
    and we have stood
    seeking the very essence of truth
    I am old
    and I am young
    for life begins again when we depart
    I know not where my words come from, only that it flows out as if it has a life of its own.
    Thank you for all that still visits this thread.

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  • khalimandor
    a poem about love , sorry if bad english
    If you love someone just because of pity, misery will come later
    Because we love to dream.
    Because the love we seek. And because of love, we are to survive
    Love can not be measured with money.
    If love can be bought, you will only have a sexy body only.
    Love is supposed to mature, instead of dropping.
    If you often dropped, it is not love, but only a mere EGO.

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  • swingdjted
    Thank you.

    It looks like we get a lot more time here than we thought.

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  • izchan
    It might be the last of my posted poems here.
    But what the heck here it is.

    We will go on ...
    I am but a drop
    in the big pool of talents
    I am nothing
    if not for your support
    Thank you for the encouragement
    the poems that speaks and dance
    Thanks for all the tears
    that sheds away the pain
    So here is to the simple
    the unheard
    the forgotten
    We are few but we will not go away
    We are poets
    Thank you everyone.

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  • izchan
    Yeah. Its been 12 wonderful years of poetic beauty.

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  • Jedi Gemstone
    Wow I had never quite realised this thread was started in 2001.... this thread is 12 years old! Thats insane! I wish there was some way we could save it all and make a little space for the wonderful poems of everyone over the years....

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