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Free Fonts.

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  • Free Fonts.

    This is one way of changing the look of your shiny new winamp right away. Heres a link to 1001 free fonts.

    This part of skinning winamp makes me real happy. The text bitmap is one I will not miss.. LOL

    Winamp 3 tutorials | My Winamp 3 skin | ZX-1100 Preview

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    Sorry folks, Jumped the gun on this one. "pulls foot out of a$$" Should have made sure it could be done easily first. As it is I cannot make it work. "Scratchs head" seemed easy enough.. Sorry.

    Winamp 3 tutorials | My Winamp 3 skin | ZX-1100 Preview


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      So, if I use some offbeat grunge font, can I pack that into the skin zip and WA will find it? Or does the user have to have that font installed in his system?

      Any idea yet, on how that's implemented?
      Lunatic fringe, we know you're out there.


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        Well, I assume that you can do just that because Both the default skin and boxOr have their own font and ttf files right in the skin zip.
        It must be something i'm doing wrong with the script. I've tried a bunch of different things and still can't make it work.
        To answer your question, I would have to say yes from looking at the files.

        *scratches head*

        urm i hope.

        Winamp 3 tutorials | My Winamp 3 skin | ZX-1100 Preview


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          WA2 won't find it unless it's installed, I'm pretty sure. WA3...I can't quite tell if it looks in the skin directory or not.

          Pp, what exactly happens when you try to use fonts? I wrestled with this a while too, and then suddenly it started working. I don't really have any idea why. Did you include your font in the <-- Fonts --> block at the top and also in the section for the item you want to change?

          Let me show you:

          <!-- Fonts -->
          <font id="arialfont" file="arial.ttf"/>
          <font id="OCR-A" file="ocr-a.ttf"/>
          <font id="Winamp" file="WinampLogo.ttf"/>
          <font id="Copperplate Gothic Light" file="Coprgtl.ttf"/>

          And lower:

          <!-- Da song ticker -->
          id="songticker" ticker="1"
          display="songname" default=""
          x="108" y="23"
          w="157" h="14"
          font="Copperplate Gothic Light" fontsize="11"



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            What did you do to get it working. I tried everything. But no go. I would think that you need to tell the xml file what font to use, so both places would seem right. If you look at boxOr that the way he did it.

            Winamp 3 tutorials | My Winamp 3 skin | ZX-1100 Preview