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  • WMC - Winamp Modern Classic (Template)

    After much folly trying to create a modern skin and running afoul of very many problems with maki code and similar. I decided to start over; I am creating a Classic Skin that is simplistic and written from the beginning in the modern skin wrappers.

    What this means is that 99% of the skins ever submitted could easily be converted to winamp 5 engine; simply buy placing my skin.xml in your folder then converting your images to png. That is all.

    Though, realistically you could then extend your skin for the feature you want easily or change the bounds of the box to be whatever you want. I feel this is a better approach to getting a skin to be a modern one without all the erroneous waste of maki.

    here is my progress to date:

    I will get this done and at submission this will be entirely FFE (FREE FOR EVERYONE); No attribution or reference required. I figure it will be my gift.

    Thank You, |
    That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.

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    Update 10102012

    So, what is going on with this...

    Well, I have diverged or forked my code...we now have 2 versions of the template.

    1. Classic Base Loader (Loads BMP Graphics for an older skin)
    2. Classic Updated Loader (Loads PNG Graphics and has missing buttons available crossfade and such).

    There are other changes but, I wanted to have the fullest support for either and make it dead simple to publish your skin without having to code a whole lot of shyte. Here is another of my code updates:

    Classic Updated Skins Now Have
    cbuttons.png that includes the eq/pl/shuf/rep/crossfade/ as well as an active/hover state for them all.
    Note: All Pixel Bugs are removed.

    Classic Base Loader
    Nothing Unique here (no changes). Though you could use bmps and go 'updated' The fact that its working is interesting enough.
    The Classic Base Loader does not load shared may want to compensate for this or just go updated again.

    If you have comments suggestions and etc. Let me know. |
    That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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      This seems really promising.

      I wonder how much trouble it would be to make it scalable in some way, to have the same layout as a classic skin but at let's say double the resolution, so I could then clean them up to make HD remakes of my older skins. Would be cool.

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        Posted reply on DA too.. An Xml function not used allot and that was designed(not 100% complete last time I checked) was the <images/> one.

        Is there a preview available?
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          Yes, I use the images array based selector for the volume and balance. They work pretty well; as for a preview not quite yet. I am still working through the seperation logic between bmp and png skin loads.

          WMC.xml and WCL.xml
          (Winamp Modern Classic) and (Winamp Classic Loader)

          WMC - Is a converted winamp classic with pngs/alphas/transparencies and missing images for buttons in modern.

          WCL - Is just the bmp loads of a winamp classic skin. No Changes. ~

          I may release them as seperate skin templates just to keep things simple and keep to that one xml file to rule them all idea; but we shall see soon enough.

          I do know that on WMC based skins there are some changes:
          text.png (isn't used on my skin) but a remarked xml entity is setup for usage.
          monoster.png (is completely removed, though I may yet code it in with a remark) I use songinfo.png.
          eqmain is a slide in container rather than a windowed object and as such I have removed the frame boundary and the titlebar in my skin. Though again I have remarked entities to enable it normally.

          There are a lot more but, I am not quite ready to speak to features that are yet to be fully complete.

          Of note: I am using 0 addl scripts. I have put that as a limit on the skins themselves. With any luck i can keep it that way.
          That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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            Looking For Some People to assist me on the
            Winamp Classic Loader and Winamp Modern Classic.

            Due to the massive amount of coding required I figured I'd reach out and see who else may be willing to work with me.

            There are a few rules if you are willing to help:

            Absolutely, no other scripts can be used to load into the xml.
            Only a single xml file can be used to load the skin(s).

            Everything must be pixel perfect and fully functioning. I am completing the main at the moment for both loaders. I am somewhere around 50-60% complete for both loaders.

            If your interested (and of course just curious) give me a shout and we can talk.
            That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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              FYI (I have decided to seperate them into 2 templates):

              For the WCL.XML File there is currently 317 Lines of xml
              - Uses SkinnersAtlas as the base
              - Only BMPs are in the XML (though, easily couuld be swapped for png)

              For the WMC.XML File there is +/- 608 Lines of xml.
              - Uses B3L8TD as the base
              - PNG's and Vector Based Graphics are in the XML
              - Vector Graphics only partially working.
              - I may have to include a maki for the vector based graphics functionality. Though, I'm testing it at the moment. ~
              That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                We got it...!!!!!!!!!!!
                That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                  I've done it...just a few little loose ends to tie up now. I have begun my first Winamp skin using the new templating system!
                  That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                    Although I´m not really excited about replicating the classic skin, I´m really looking forward to this for the potential it has. I don´t fully understand the hole process, but sounds great if at some point I can experiment with it! .
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                      If that was why I was doing it then sure; would kinda suck. Though, realistically I'm doing it to learn and to hopefully bridge the gap. I know The Plague originally started a similar project sometime ago and has all the functional requirements to support 99% of the features to my best bet. I am looking to extend the benefits of a great deal of features from the WA5 Skin Engine to the Winamp Classic Skinning area. I believe that by doing this it will allow for classic skinners to make some nice skins with limited coding required and getting all the benefits of classic type skins. Though, I am also scared that this will open up Skinner Templating Applications again and we end up with craptastic image skins with shitty button overlays.

                      I guess that is what you get when you make things simple (and you get some badass skins as well).
                      That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                        At very least it will make me a coder and designer. Of Which FYI - I can compile and make maki scripts to interact with the Winamp Engine now.
                        That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                          I've updated the WMC/WCL Loader now, the damn eq finally is functionally. Sheesh that took it out of me. Though, I may have to rewrite the vertical slides for the eq...I don't want to do maki; so if anyone knows the easiest way to do a vertical slider based of a set of images (we have the eqmain to use) which sux cus of the height =63

                          Not easily divisible.

                          Oh here is what I've got - it is okay...for the moment, some areas are still to be worked on

                          (uncompressed folder size = 324k)
                          (compressed folder size = 164k)

                          Not bad for a full graphic png winamp 5 base skin and it loads crazy fast with all windows open. ~
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                          That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                            Beta Testing Open

                            Alright, anyone who is following this thread...

                            I am ready to start test the first beta. At present I am only supporting the Main and Eq Windows and this is specifically for WMC skins. Slightly upgraded versions of classic skins. The layouts are the same with some minor adjustments.

                            Note: I have tested that all basic functions work and that all areas are skinned to my best ability. There are some additions that are not yet documented so, if you use this template be aware that I may change some features going forward until I am near a release.
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                            That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                              Beta Testing (WCL)

                              Here is the WCL (Winamp Classic Loader)
                              You can use this as a simplified loader for bmps and just change a few set of graphics where you need to apply alpha/transparency or etc. ~

                              Again this is in test only at this point. I am currently working on the playlist/ml. Presently both WMC/WCL work with the WASABI based playlist and media library windows only. I will be building all the other windows in time.

                              Thank You,

                              If you are testing these please post on the winamp forums about your experience or let me know of fixes. Again this is basic functionality only, and I will be adding seek status', volume status, balance status, button click status, optional crossfade, about window and more soon.
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                              That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.