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Winamp Subwoofer or Speakers Skin?

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  • Winamp Subwoofer or Speakers Skin?

    I know decades ago when winamp still popular, there is a skin that compliment winamp. Everytime we play a song, the winamp speaker will beat according to the songs.

    Wonder if there is any now I can embed on it?

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    Where to find this kind of plugin for winamp?


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      It is called X-Plugin and you can get it from the Nullsoft archive.

      To start the plugin, go to Visualization > Select plugin..., select X-Plugin v1.0.1 and click Start.
      Ariszló @ WinCustomize & DeviantArt


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        Hi ariszlo and Solidsnake,

        I'm a big fan of skins with animated speakers. I have a few modern skins with this feature.

        In 20+ years of using Winamp, I never knew of a visualization like this. It's very cool. There are 5 different kinds of speakers. Some have more than 1 driver and all the drivers are animated! There is also a window included that shows MilkDrop presets. Many thanks ariszlo for finding it and Solidsnake for asking for it.

        There's 1 issue for users running Windows 10 (and maybe any version newer than XP) and have Winamp installed under the "Program Files (x86)" folder. You need to run the installer (X-Plugin.exe) in administrator mode. You also need to run Winamp in administrator mode for this visualizer to work.
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