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So cute you'll wanna puke!

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    That skin is sure to get a LOT of d/l's. Very nice and sweet, but imho she isn't worth a skin like that.
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      duk, your skin is pure crap... i downloaded it today and was very disappointed. i mean, you cant even see her breasts. she didnt spend all that money on the twins for them not to be featured in a skin. i hope u never make a skin again. and if u do, be smart and show some skin.

      sorry... still suffering the effects of the public review system (some one actually said that about ci-xi)
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        too cute for me

        /me walks to toilet and . . .


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          Originally posted by Boplicity
          /me walks to toilet and . . .
          ... mastubrates ?


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            very nice skin. i hate it
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              First of all, someone shoot me! I can't believe I downloaded this lol. If it were anyone but you Duk ..

              I have to say, as much as I hate the subject, this skin is adorable. I love the cursors!! and you actually made her look like the cute "teeny bopper" she really is, lol. Her Mom could take lessons from you .

              Great Job Duk, very, very cute


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                yuk !!!

                oh yeah - it's a perfect skin Duk and the d/ls will explode. Looks fantastic not because, but in spite of
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                  Oh my lord,what a pretty little skin,best not show my sister or it'll be on winamp permanently.Although it's much better than the one she currently insists on using which is a skinner.Very cute


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                    Originally posted by Mr Jones

                    ... mastubrates ?
                    /after me pukes . . .


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                      Thanks to everyone for the comments. LOL This is more entertaining than reading the "funny pages" in the Public Review. And keetah, you simply haven't lost your touch to make me burst out loud laughing.

                      Hey Mod MJ, any chance you could add the Xerxes comment to the Poll and slap a one on it. Can't believe I forgot to mention choking on bubblegum! Classic.

                      I think bobo summed it all up nicely tho ...

                      Originally posted by bobo ...
                      very nice skin. i hate it
                      Thanks all! Wuv U2!


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                        i wonder why it'll get so many downloads.....
                        yea...I said it.


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                          Any chance of handing over that "other" thing you showed me, you know the one I said I'd finish for you if you don't have the time


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                            Ughhhh,Britney........ the skin is wonderful, but the theme.......
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                              Oh. Yes. I. Did.

                              Originally Posted by cappy17 View Post
                              This part is true
                              I have a 5-year old daughter, who came in and demanded, as she usually does when I'm playing computer music, to see the Hello Kitty skin. Instead, I showed her the Britney skin. (Ah, it, um, showed up as an attachment in my e-mail. Yeah, that's it.)

                              Britney Fluff is her new favorite skin.

                              She then proceeded to ask if I had any Britney Spears songs on the computer.

                              ...did it again.


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                                Originally Posted by Duk
                                Oh no, I can't.
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