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  • Your Top 5 pick !!

    I was thinking one day not that long ago about things that are "Top 5" related.. such as Guitarists, WA Skins, Games, the list goes on, but what I wanted to know is 'Who do you consider to be in your Top 5 list in the Winamp Skinning department?', ie SkinMakers.
    Now this can become a longer question but I've cut it down short, so maybe as many as possible forum viewers would like to answer this question.
    It could be based on the style, colour, shape or any part of the design process that best characterises your chosen skinner. Mine is usually all these and a few more elements put together.
    Im not sure if this forum has covered this topic before, so if it has, well it'd be good to see any changes, if it hasn't, it's even better.
    Another thing about this topic is that it may uncover some people who have never even been heard of before, show some skins that no one has seen etc.
    One final thing, I recommend not thinking too hard on choosing your Top 5, but a little thought would be appreciated And if you like, you could add a link to some of their work.

    It would be good also to say briefly why you chose the people you placed in your list, its optional though.

    This question would probably become a bit longer as the time passes, but no flaming would be a good way to keep things.

    Ok here is my top five:

    1. Raj I/0 - Raj has been one of my favourite skinners for a few years, his skinning style is the way I prefer skins should turn out, and usually with Raj, he never fails to deliver something new. Devil Ant - act2 is a great Raj skin that I like.

    2. Marek Wojtal - Unison Brainstormed would have to be one of my favourite skins. Marek puts so much effort and has a great eye for detail, which is shown in just about all of his skins. Something different to the normal knocked up skin I say.

    3. Joe Garet - GaretJax definetly creates some eye appealing skins shown on just about most websites around, well that I go to. Very much my style skinner on most occasions. The Slick series is my fav.

    4. Steve Moss - pretty much a brilliant skin maker with a great imagination on designing something from little resources. Too many skins of his too choose just one

    5. X-caponius - X-cap would be my top pick from the darker metal based skinners. Science v2 would be up there in my download list, although its not too much metal based, but its all good.

    Well, there is my top 5, after thinking and searching here and there for a few hours. It would be nice to see some skinners I and others have not heard of before, although if you have the same as someone else, thats ok too.

    Later I hope this post isnt tooo long.| DevArt

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    1) Duk
    2) Duk
    3) Duk
    4) Duk
    5) Duk

    You bitches need to bow before him


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      No order here, but also Raj, Raydream, Jax, Bobo
      Why?? I like their style...

      The skin love webring


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        the guy who made "hermetic"

        me no, i can't think of anyone else off the top of my head


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          steve moss
          mr jones
          Artist Track


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            Xtrmtr Lght | Lightspeed


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              Umm.... I dunno..... I can't do the list, I would probably do a top 10 or something, there are too many great skinners I completely respect.
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                5. Monsieur Jones
                4. Raj
                3. Ampburner
                2. Inspirator
                1. ME!


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                  1. Steve Moss - Obvious reasons
                  2. Cyana - Can make very good skins like Boxer, but also can skin with a sense of humor, like Uh-Oh and Mad Dog
                  3. Blayde - Pioneer in skinning. Gave us the Fusion genre.
                  4. Henrik Löwenadler - his Phoenix was an early favorite of mine.
                  5. Richard Pettifer - Impressed me with C U J A M.


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                    [list=1][*]Raydream[*]Raj[*]Mr. Jones[*]Garetjax[*]Forevever[/list=1]


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                      Mine in no particular order are,

                      Lucid DM
                      Mr Jones
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                        thanks Dawg I'm glad I made someone's list

                        my list - based strictly on what I have on my hard drive

                        1. Me - The Why: Not because I'm the best skinner but because all my skins are created specifically for me, by me, to my specific skinning tastes - who else could possibly know what will appeal to me all the time, every time. dig?

                        2. Lucid - The Why: Because he's able to acheive things in Paint Shop Pro that I only dream of - his skins are always appealing to me - in fact he's the only one who would come close to my own skinning tastes. He's my hero My favorite: The Woodshop

                        3. Duk - The Why: Because he makes fabulous pic skins - if you haven't seen them - go see some of them. My favorite: Ricci Renaissance (sp?) (although most would probably say harvest moon or that pink chiiky one)

                        4. GaretJax - The Why: Because I haven't seen him produce a bad skin yet - although I have to say I have one skin of his on my hard drive that is extremely buggy - but I might have a late version of it. My favorite: JadeTube (of course!!!!) versions 1 through 3 (I can't pick one of them - they're all so different)

                        5. This one is tough - For sentimental reasons I want to say Raydream - but there are so many noteworthy skinners in this forum. Based strictly on originality (at least imo) its a toss up between Raydream and Nucleo (someone I'm not even sure who it is) - this Nucleo person has some really really fabulously detailed skins. Also worth checking out if you haven't seen them - I personally have two on my hard drive right now - Alien Mind and N-Log - Favorite Raydream skin: Oxygen (although I love Aquila and fe203)

                        Other noteworthy skinners: Nini - Rikki - Flatmatt - Mr J (duh!) - Lynx - um.. skinme!! The MSPKing - Supey - Justin - Cyana - BullDawg - Dawg4life - geez who else - Cheezles - ok.. uh.. if I didn't name you here its cause 1. I didn't see your skins or 2. I'm too fried to think of anyone else.

                        Skins currently on my hard drive that are not mine but I feel are worth keeping and were not named somewhere above: Ahmadaskin - Metroid Battle - Orbitalblu - Queen_ - RatchetsGame - Super Mario Bros - Titanium Sky - Ultrashock - XP Silver - The Legend of Zelda (link to the past)

                        I failed at this rating thing miserably

                        [edit]OMG!! how could I have missed Bobo!! I suck at this..
                        If anyone can find any of the skins I made please email them to [email protected]
                        I can't remember all the names but specifically hunting for Lascivious, and DEVOUR (compilation with Jax) and any in the Impulse series which had 6 total. Auriferous, Gilt, Impulse, Nadir, and 2 others I can't remember but you dig.


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                          No numbers, but some of my favorites:

                          Jayn, Ampy, Raj, Jones, Duk, Raydream, BG, Lynx, Chad, Xerxes...

                          There appear to be many.

                          Some of my favorite skins aren't by them, though, like Antigusta, Connect-X, GreenMachine, and Double Helix (heh) .

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                            my existence was noticed by someone else!!! I feel so special

                            I don't really know very many skinners except the people here. I don't ususaly browse the skins, and when I do I rarely look at th names. But I must say 3 of my very favorites are Lucid, Raj, and Lynx. Lucid because his designs are always orriginal and I always love his color schemes. Raj because the horizite series are my favorite skins ever. Lynx because Titanium Sky and The Woodshop are also two of my favorite skins.
                            Other favorite skins that deserve mentioning: Paradox and Windicator.

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                              c-specter is another fav metal skinner

                              bobo, ur new skins are turning out great too.. I like the 'Component' you've released recently, my style indeed

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