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  • :o) New skin

    Okay I've started this one an impressed myself with it.... Might only be a test tho, dunno if i'll finish it...... what you think?

    In .GIF format just for Forever and the others who can't see .PNG
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    Dragon I appreciate that - and everyone else who has been using jpg or gif format lately - its nice to be able to comment on skins again without a hassle

    I like your skin so far - I think it would end up getting low marks in originality, as I've seen a few like it, but you have a nice overall layout and the colors are appropriate

    for improvements I'd like to see some shadowing to give some pieces a bit more depth - like if you could select the lighter shade of gray parts of the border and the green digital window then apply a light drop shadow (2 vertical, 2 horizontal, 50 opacity, 3 blur) it would give it a little kick I think - my only other suggestion for improvement would be the vol/bal/posbar button - not that there's anything wrong with the way that they are, just that the offcenterness of them bugs me a little - I'm not sure how to explain it - maybe just give those areas a little more thought

    in general - I definitely think you should finish it - its obviously going to be a quality skin
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      I use MSPaint so it will be hard to do the shadows thing... but i see what your getting at, I'll give it a go.


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        I like it so far, its not the most original concept, but it's looking nice. I'd say finish it. Forevers suggestion of a slight drop shadow would look great even though it may be difficult to achieve in mspaint.


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          I appollogise (for my spelling) for being a little niave but why not use psp? I always thought that ms paint is a little basic.


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            You can make anything in MSPaint... Just takes a little... Okay alot more time, I like to work pixel by pixel to, then zoom out an see how it looks. Plus PSP to me seems alittle hard to get the hang of, I ain't dissing it, it's a very good program, Just I personally can't use it.


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              Okay I've tryed to make it look abit more like theres shadows an stuff, added high-lights.

              Any better?

              The sliders I will redo when I get the main looking right.
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                Definately better. Looks a lot less flat now.


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                  totally kewlness,

                  it keeps me amazed what some people can do with MSPAIN(in the ass)T
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                    WOW! replys off Forever Atmo an Simon... I must be doing good .

                    I'm working on the EQ....... All I can say is it's hard, lol


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                      you defenatally are doing a awsome (as in very very good) job here.
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                        Very nice. You're showing MSPaint skills here.

                        One problem though: you misspelled 'information.' Hehe, you spelled it as 'infomation.' Add an R, then the skin will be near perfect.

                        Keep it up!
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                          Could someone give me a little bit of help please? I want animated Vol/Bal sliders, but i can't do them. I need to do them 'cause the vol slider is cutting into part of the shading and when its set a 0 to about 10% its covering abit of the shading. Would someone help, show me how to make or make one for me, I don't mind, I just need it because of the reason above. at the mo the skin looks like the attachment Sorry people it's PNG

                          Help me........ Please

                          [edit] Cleanup posted to..... OMG! [/edit]
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                            Nice start.

                            You really dont need much help.All you need to do is crop the sliders and use the volume postions image(assuming you have it).

                            I have a suggestion.Put a lighter shade of green on the inneredge of the display.This will give it a kinda bevel effect.


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                              The two metal parts at the top of the main need to have the bottom bevels lightened to match the others.
                              If I can find time I might be able to help with the vol and bal sliders. Will be a day or so at best before I can get to it though, don`t hold your breath.
                              This looks great so far, stick with it. Deserves finishing.

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