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  • :mad:

    Right I'm kinda getting sick of this so I'm saying it out and (if this don't get locked) everyone can put there complaints down too.

    Not alot to do with WA2 but nevermind, not all threads here are.

    I'm sick to death of asking for help on the WA3 forums and the WA3 dudes having there heads that far up there own ass that they don't reply. Or asking for a coder and getting no help what soever. So not all of us like making skins like Neko and Adil, but thats all the WA3 forums are botherd about, and it pisses me off. On my latest WA3 skin I asked for help (see sig for a link) and I've had no reply at all, and the only people to comment are the WA2 guys. If us WA2 guys made posts like the WA3 guys do to n00bs we'd be baned for life from the forums.

    I'm expecting this to be locked as soon as a mod see's it, but please leave it open for people to post, and WA3 forum members to flame me, 'cause thats all thats gonna happen and I'm not botherd about that.

    I like skinning for WA3, and I love the player it is truly the best around, I just don't like the stuck-up attitude you get from the WA3 forums.

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    I agree. Theyre all stuck up. All of em. A lot of threads dont even get replies. They arent anything like us. I can go on and on but I wont.


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      Exactly. I've had to make 2 seperate threads to attmept to get someone to fix my script (their idea didn't work) since I got sick of talking to myself in the first thread. And still no one has answered my question about why my drawers won't appear in areas where the background is transparent. v5.0 | Echoes | Meddling Kids v1.52
      Space Invaders v1.1 | Danielle Fishel v1.11


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        agreed. i had a (IMO ) great idea, went and asked for a scripter and somebody told me to get lost and do it myself (it was a REALLY complicated skin, but it'd have been great to have seen done. oh well.).


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          I looked back at your thread, and the funny thing is, the only one's who responded to it were WA2 forum regulars. There is a group of very unhelpful people there. I should learn to code. I'm willing to try to help you, for the experience if nothing else.


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            Hang in there people.

            Remember that the WA3 forum is still relatively new. It may settle into a more welcoming place given time. Also (hopefully) as WA3 matures there will be more skinning resources available (like tuts, faqs, and script and code archives), then it should be easier to find the answer for yourself.

            Maybe at the moment there is an imbalance between graphics people and code people. And cos WA3 is so young there probably aren't enough people with the experience to answer tricky technical queries. (Whereas if a noob comes in here asking why his mono/stereo indicator is messed up there are/were dozens of regulars who can tell him about the shared line of pixels.) The helpfulness of this (WA2) forum is built on years of skinning experience, maybe that is what the WA3 forum is currently lacking.

            I'm not trying to belittle the feeling in this thread. I know it is frustrating. (It is saying something that I've been reading the WA3 forums for months but have never actually posted there.) But I do think that things will settle down and the knowledge base will slowly get bigger. I hope so anyway, cos I've got some shit-hot WA3 skins to make.


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              it kind of bugs me to see no one reply to lots of threads, but when neko says something like "i think i'm going to change the color to blue," everyone responds saying crap like "i love blue. you are so sweet neko."


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                Someone: I hope you are making lot's of color choices!

                Neko or Adil: I'm making lot's of color choices.

                Someone else: Will there be lot's of color choices?

                Adil or Neko: Neko or Adil just said there will be lot's of color choices.

                Another person: This skin 0wnz.

                Neko or Adil: I slightly changed the reflection on the screen.

                Someone: Good work - that reflection 0wnz.

                Someone else: Will the reflection have lot's of color choices?

                Yet another person: I love color choices!


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                  I'm not sure that's entirely fair, while I agree that "attack of the egos" is prominent in the WA3 forums between certain members, I've always found help on any problems when I've asked.

                  Now your gonna say, "oh yeah, that's cos your modjones, your bound to get help", that's also not strictly true, if I need help, I usualy post under "another" account, don't wanna look a total nOOb now do I , so I post under my "junior member" account, and I've always got help, be it someone writing me a complete script to help me, or answering occasional questions here and there.

                  There is however a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge percentage of questions that get lost among the popular threads, I'm not happy about that either.

                  As ripe said, things will start to settle down, the egos will disappear and all will be good................


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                    Ah, I know it wasn't completely fair - it was just me venting and letting out my sarcastic side.

                    There do seem to be some helpful people there, like liquidmotion and drwho (I'm not entirely familiar with the names over there, so I could be wrong). And others like WillFisher and Vica are posting good stuff, so it isn't all bad. I'm sure in time it will get better, but some people need help now, which leads to frustration sometimes.


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                      I usually get a few comments when i post an idea, but dont get much in the way of technical advice.

                      Im sure it will improve soon, but i do agree that the wa3 skins and scripting forum does have an elitist feel to it at the moment.


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                        uno why people wont script for you? mainly because it takes so freakin long, they dont know how to in the way u need it or they couldn't be bothered because they think ur idea is shit. pretty much my view of things.
                        if u keep searching u may find someone.

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                          From my observations, there are a lot of photoshop people in the w3 forum, and not really to many code ******* and by code person, I mean someone who knows more than just rearranging the buttons- i mean someone who can do flashy Maki stuff.

                          Basically it's like a funnel, lots of ideas, very few can get worked out due to the availability of coders- many whom have been taken and latched on to someone early on in the w3 skinning game.

                          Again, my observations...


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                            upon copy/pasting from mr burnaway:

                            [12:20] <@binary_hero> neko - you suck at skinning, your colour choices are piss poor, and you can't do reflection to save your poor worthless life
                            [12:21] <+neko> how the fuck can i say it in a different way they will listen to and remember?
                            [12:21] <+neko> IT CAN HAVE ANY FUCKING COLOUR

                            i hate the way people pussy foot around good skinners, telling them how wonderful they are, and avoiding new skinners, who's skins may look like utter crap, but they have come here for help, so at least critiscise. I spent the best part of half an hour telling him about the crap stuff on his new wa3 skin (sakura) (like the ws mode is far too small, the bars holding the eq to the main look crap, the colour is piss poor, the thinger buttons look too elongated etc).

                            Ok, so he is a good skinner, but everybody makes mistakes. nobody is going to hurt you (much) if you TELL THE TRUTH about a skin. that's how people GET BETTER. i doubt many people would be as good as they are today (i'm thinking of people like reanimation) without being critiscised.

                            if you are just going to suck up to people who are good and flame or ignore people who aren't, you might as well go and jump off a bridge, before i push you.

                            just my 2 cents.

                            please don't go and commit suicide

                            and i won't kill anyone.


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                              Originally posted by binary hero
                              upon copy/pasting from mr burnaway:

                              [12:20] <@binary_hero> neko - you suck at skinning, your colour choices are piss poor, and you can't do reflection to save your poor worthless life
                              [12:21] <+neko> how the fuck can i say it in a different way they will listen to and remember?
                              [12:21] <+neko> IT CAN HAVE ANY FUCKING COLOUR
                              Obviously not a direct cut and paste, otherwise "color" would have been spelt correctly - but all in all a decent translation.

                              edit - I just looked at the thread for that new neko skin. Looks like he took your advice about the things holding the eq to the main at least. And listen to the rave reviews:

                              This skin is looking AMAZING!!!! I like the new bottom, makes it look very smooth and sleek. I also like the new baby mode. It's different from the previous one, and looks less Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is not a bad thing I think it looks cute! More please
                              (it must be noted that aquila blue wrote that - it was her unbiased opinion no doubt)