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Is there a tag/attribute reference (or even a DTD) for WA5 skins?

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  • Is there a tag/attribute reference (or even a DTD) for WA5 skins?

    I'm trying to get into XML skinning (again), and am having a similar problem to what I ran into with making a skin for Trillian... I can't find a good reference. Tutorials abound, but they tend to only give you a little part of what tags and attributes are availible for use. I can sling some mean markup, but only if I know what the parser will recognize, and what it will do with what it does recognize. I've checked NSDN, and unless I'm blind (there's a good chance of that), there isn't one there. I've also run a search here for 'reference' and 'DTD', no hits.

    The tutorials I've read would be good for someone new to XML, but I'd be able to pick this up a lot faster if I didn't have to slog through all the intro stuff, and could get my hands on something that said "Tag X needs to be in an A tag, and Winamp will do this with it. Tag X has Xa, Xb, and Xc attributes, which control this, that, and some other thing. Tag X does not accept child tags. Tag Y...", and so on.

    So yeah, I'm looking for a DTD (or something like it), and can't find one anywhere in the Winamp directory. Trillian has a DTD, but it seems to almost totally ignore it, making it nearly useless, so I guess it could be worse.

    So, can anybody hook me up? If not, at least help me out, and post whatever wisdom you have on the topic.


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    winamp: no dtd, and no god reference of all tags either but frisbeemonkey's tutorial is a life-saver
    trillian: actually, trillian relies very heavily on the dtd... no reference for it either and even worse, no tutorial. u could try looking at the skinning tutorials chatlogs (or even joining in on the next one)

    hope i helped a little bit


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      Thanks for confirming my fears, at least.

      Not much else to do but find all the tutorials I can, boil them down, and start building my own reference. I'll check out frisbeemonkey's tutorial first.

      If you know anything (tags, attributes, etc.) that's not in a tutorial somewhere, please drop it in here.

      Clarification about Trillian and DTDs: Yeah, Trillian does use DTD files all over the place, but really only for entity declarations... same basic thing as WA's <include/> tag, different syntax. What it's useless for is a declaration of the tag structure. This being WA's skin forum, and not Trilly's skin forum, I'll stfu about it already.