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  • lol

    PS number does exist (not visible in topic pages), now you have 94
    Keep going
    *sigh (still) under construction*


    • ok :* playthespoon, we want a new beta!! wOOt

      The universal god of light, love, wisdom and rok n rol


      • cianca. he JUST RELEASED ONE, WTF?

        and minus the fact that the posts do count here, it is also annoying/extra stuff on page that doesnt have to be there. one long post is a lot cleaner than 5 difft smaller posts.


        • billyvnilly... my posts are semi-serious ... sorry

          I want a new beta NOT must have in 2 minutes a new beta

          I'm not annoying anybody... i posts my bugs for help playspoons to rapid debug the skin and resolve more and more problems
          The universal god of light, love, wisdom and rok n rol


          • Originally posted by billyvnilly
            one long post is a lot cleaner than 5 difft smaller posts.
            I would have to agree...It seems like everyone is posting tons of little bugs and if I were designing this skin that would be very confusing. It would be much more effecient for everyone if you would consolidate your posts.

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              • you posted once, then again 5 minutes later, and again 11 minutes later. those 3 could have been one post edited twice at the time.


                • Don't try to fool the moderators or forum kings. You'll only have to bite the dust.


                  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW. Thanks iPlayTheSpoons, awesome work I'm very eager to see resizable playlist support, but take your time, I've been living with it being that way for a long time and I'll just try to be patient. You rock, man.


                    • Hosting the skin!!

                      I have now uploaded the .wal file on my web-server. Now all people can get to this file from here while it's still in the BETA stage:

                      SingleGUI-10006.wal (557 kB)

                      PS! I really hope iPlayTheSpoons doesn't mind!


                      • Beta 10007

                        I dont much mind if you host the file, just keep it up to date

                        Uhhh, new beta!! wooo. Updates include:

                        resizable playlist...way cool
                        some bug fixes...still a bunch left

                        uhh, to anyone requesting layout ive said

                        milkdrop IS supported, it works just like regular AVS in singlegui

                        shortcut keys being broken in winamp's fault, not mine...when the project started, steve said he was gunna get the programmers to work on component focus issues...but if you keep up with your winamp news you know why that isnt happening

                        have fun...NEW bugs please
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                        • /!\ bug: When i'm using that skin on dual screen and I maximize it , it will always get maximized on the first monitor, wherever the window is located at first.

                          Else, this skin is great, i think i'll use it when i manage to organize my music correctly
                          - Winamp Desk Band 1.2.2-alpha -


                          • what graphics card are you using? If ati, its it dual desktop or extended? (ie, does it allow 2 resolutions and refresh rates, or is it linked)


                            • Originally posted by Cianca
                              PS3: another bug, when the option 'stop playback when video is closed' is enabled I click on the 'switch video screen mode' and the playback is stopped :/
                              great work playthespoons

                              this bug still exists on new beta... any idea to resolve it?
                              The universal god of light, love, wisdom and rok n rol


                              • still does a flickering thing when i use my keyboard's multimedia keys, like "next" or "stop", when i'm in winamp. other than the flickering thing, i haven't found anything yet.
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