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    Hey Guys,

    I'm working on my first Skin right now, so you will surely read a lot more questions from me these days.

    I want to include a button into my skin, which opens a specific url in a new browser window.

    I found out, that is will somehow work with navigateurl(), but i have no idea, how exactly it works.

    And do I have to tell Winamp, where the browser.exe is located?

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    There isn't, and never has been a browser.exe.

    You need to create a trigger button and tie it up to a little bit of maki to pop a browser window, see my post here for an example.
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      Thanks for the quick answer! I'll see, how well I can work with that thread. But it seems to be very simple.

      I know, that there is no "browser.exe". What I meant was "explorer.exe" or "mozilla.exe" or whatever other browsers there might be. ;-)

      i b o


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        You don't need to worry about that, using the system.navigateUrl command should auto start whatever the users browser is.

        I've used pretty much the same idea in just about every skin I've made somewhere along the line.


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          Works perfect. You only have to add this line into the layout / group of the button:

          <script file="FOLDER/NAME.maki"/>