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  • Colouring Frames

    I've been trying to add some color to my components for a few days now. There are only a few things left, which I can't figure out:

    - little elements on scorllbars
    - backgrounds of scrollbars
    - lines between columns
    - shadow colors of all buttons

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    come on, people. there has to be someone out there, who knows, how to do this.

    i know, it will have to be some entry in the studio-colors.xml / system-colors.xml, but i could not find out, which one it is.


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      Best thing to do when your not sure what bit colours what bit on the skin, is to work your way through system-colors.xml from the base skin, changing a value at a time for something that stands out, say for instance bright red.

      Refresh your skin each time you change a value, make a note of what bit suddenly changes to bright red, go back and adjust accordingly.

      Least that's what I do when I can't find/remember what bit does what.


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        I've changed every line to the value I need. Didn't make any difference...


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          Then you need to be posting a picture of what bits you mean, because your descriptions might not be the same as what I, or anyone else, calls things.

          Post a pic, point out the bits you mean.


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            Here we go...
            The grey bits should not be gray
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              Dont you use these tags to do scrollbars : -

              PHP Code:
              <bitmap id="wasabi.scrollbar.horizontal.background" file="window/window-elements.png" x="58" y="52" h="13" w="41" gammagroup="buttons"/>      
              bitmap id="wasabi.scrollbar.horizontal.left" file="window/window-elements.png" x="40" y="13" h="13" w="13" gammagroup="buttons"/> 
              ....etc etc etc.

              Look in /plugins/freeform/xml/wasabi/xml/system-elements.xml for the full list.