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  • NSX-999

    This isn't the main skin I've been working on for the last month or so, I'll post that one some other time. This is just something I did while taking a break.

    It's based off my old stereo, and I plan to make every control work as close to how it does in real life as possible. It'll prolly undergo a name change and have the brand name removed at some point. Will also include the remote control. Graphics are not yet done but you can see what it'll generally look like, all I've done so far is drawn out some shapes and applyed layer styles, some of which will be replaced with manual brushwork since I have more control that way. The screen hasn't been started yet, it'll just be your basic LCD screen with some reflections.

    I imagine if you own this stereo, then this skin would be the coolest thing in the world... but for the other 99.9% I'd be interested to know what you think so far

    Oh BTW, I suppose I should do a pre-emptive comment about the size of the thing... the one above is only 75% of the original, and will probably be the default size, although I'm considering having 3 different modes (one bigger and one smaller than the above).
    WIP: NSX-999

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    w00t, that's a nice pice of work you got there , if you need help coding this baby, you can contact me (just click the banner in my sig)

    - UUL

    btw, if you r resizing it like this, ake sure you redo the labels, so they will be read-able


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      can you say H-U-G-E.
      i would hate to resize a skin so let it like this ^^


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        there are better looking HIFI gadgets, look at the JVC website.
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          Originally posted by UUL
          w00t, that's a nice pice of work you got there , if you need help coding this baby, you can contact me
          Thanks I'll be okay putting it together and getting it working, but if I want to include any unique MAKI touches that I can't do myself then I'll let u know

          Originally posted by carlosp
          there are better looking HIFI gadgets, look at the JVC website.
          Erm, that's not exactly the point though.

          1) Starting from scratch isn't a good suggestion, that would in effect be a completely different skin, even if I did a different stereo I'd still have this one to work on.

          2) I don't own those JVC systems, so I don't feel any urge to make them into a skin. The point is that I own this one and it would be cool to have *MY* stereo in digital form, not some better-looking flashy one

          3) How could I emulate how the controls work, how the display animates, what the remote is like, what the graphics even look like, from looking at a tiny photograph?

          4) The ones on the JVC site are incredibly tacky, have you seen this thing? It looks like a sci-fi kids toy. There are MUCH nicer classy systems around, I would probably create something by a better company (Teac for example) if I were to choose at will.

          5) If I did one of those, somebody would probably say "not another silver metallic skin" as I heard in a different thread recently.


          At least one person likes it
          WIP: NSX-999


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            any time


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              me likes it too!! great work graphics work there.
              just make the labels readable though.


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                Nice work my friend

                PS: I looked at the JVC crap, wtf? in 5 years from now those stereos will look more like an alien than a device...not good. Designers have misunderstood their target, that people puting those stereos on the living room and not on a fancy spaceship :P

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                  Vag, you're forgetting JVC is also sponsoring Star Trek, thus having a lot of Star Trek - like products is good for their selling.


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                    hey dont knock it, i'd like to live in a cool spacecraft surrounded by cool alienish gadgets
                    theyve come to take me away haha haha

                    nice grfx, but the tape deck part is too archaic

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                      Thanks guys

                      Originally posted by SLoB
                      nice grfx, but the tape deck part is too archaic
                      Hehe I haven't used a tape in about 5 years They'll be an option to hide the tape deck part at the bottom (probably the CD part at the top also), but it will have a dark see-through window with tapes barely visible, and the tape-wheels turning around when you press play

                      And *readable* text.... hmmm good idea! I'd thought of this but there's a few problems, namely the text wouldn't look realistic if I make it readable, and also the actual text doesn't tell you what some of the buttons do anyway, it tells you their secondary function (above Play and Stop is the words Set and Clear). I think the way to keep usability and the same look I'm after, is to have an option to switch between realistic-text or readable-text (just a simple overlay image to turn on/off).

                      I won't bother posting too many more little updates, will wait until I have something worth showing.
                      WIP: NSX-999


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                        my sister used to have that stereo O_o it was a peice of crap and dead in less then a year


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                          hey good work looks pretty neat, those glowing buttons look a tad too bright though,

                          *IDEA* how about for shade mode, you use the remote? unless that's what you already intended... but i thought it was cool if that's what you intended,

                          love the tape decks btw.. i was thinking of doing something similar... but with a really old system... nice work
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                            my knees are hurting


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                              rofl, wont ask what your doing on your knees

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