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Skin-Bug in 5.23 !!?

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  • Skin-Bug in 5.23 !!?

    ..uhh, now, in version 5.23 i have a green bug in clearOne, also in other skins like multipass1.3

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    Bug *haha* the authors of the skin, that's the 'images missing' icon you are seeing.

    They've goofed up somewhere and not declared/defined an images.

    5.23 is actually working correctly and showing you this, it's the skin that's the problem.


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      looks like there are referenced lines in there that have not been deleted and now have no picture due to them not being used for the purpose they were created

      i had 4 in my prebeta3 of Walpha for seekup/down & volupdown which are no longer used but those lines were still in the group

      you will need to remove the offending lines as they shouldnt be there and repack your skin

      altho i can see this being a bit of a pain if a lot of skins have those extra features (call them features but ideally its old code thats not relevant anymore in the skin)

      another one i noticed was that in the std frame the control menu has been added (altho a quick removal will suffice)

      one thing that doesnt look fixed since 5.22 is the radio buttons on DTA or any other radio group

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        ahh .. ok, we still wait for skin-updates! thx for info!!


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          fun, time to get fixing i guess...


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            This might help...
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              Here's how I "fixed" it (it worked for clearONE and Simplicity as far as I can tell, maybe it'll work for other skins too.) Go to the folder Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\freeform\xml\wasabi\window. rename 'error.png' to something else (error.png.old.) Make a copy of 'transparent.png' from that same folder. Rename the copy you just made 'error.png'. That's it, start Winamp to test. The skins still need to be fixed, but this way you don't have the green X's.


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                Yeah, the problem in several of my skins are lines like this:
                <bitmap id="wasabi.scrollbar.vertical.grip" />

                I left the file attribute missing assuming it was a "feature" rather than a bug in earlier Winamp versions that would make the element disappear without having to use an image. Yes, I know what happens when you assume. Of course it easily fixed by just assigning a blank image to the bitmap definition. I'll be putting up the updated skins soon...


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                  I have all my skins fixed already.


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                    My code is just so organized that there's not one superfluous line of code, let alone a missing image...


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                      haha yeah, I know what you mean, I found out about not using images a long time ago, I used to make invisible buttons as easter eggs in my skins and always used to user image="" on them,you could however still click on them to perform an action.

                      Somewhere in one of the early 5.0 release that got fixed so you had to have an image in place to enable mouse clicks to work, had to go back and re-do a load of skins that used invis buttons at that point, ever since I've used a 1x1 image stretched to fit whatever size was needed.

                      And that image is always defined as 'fuck.png' as that was the only word that came to mind what I had to go back through and ammend my skins hehe


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                          Well, I just upgraded to 5.23 and found out about the bug in Orion... I'll get it fixed soon. Also working on a new Mozilla/Netscape/SeaMonkey/Firefox/Thunderbird/Y'z Toolbar theme at the moment too!