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Color Editor 2.1.1 BETA Released

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  • Color Editor 2.1.1 BETA Released

    For all guys who are beta-testing Winamp 5.5 (,
    you will once again need a new color editor!

    Download Color Editor 2.1.1

    During testing the updated color editor, i had some bugs when you keep the old studio.xnf. So if anyone has the same bug - delete studio.xnf!

    If there are any Vista users, can you test creating new themes, copy themes. I get crashes when i apply the new theme name. Win Xp works ok.

    If it works for you, enjoy Winamp 5.5 and stay tuned for new betas

    Submit your Color Themes for the new Winamp Bento skin here:
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    Yes. I get crashes too. Win Vista.

    Clone >>> New name >>> CRASH

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sort this out asap. Realy need the color editor.
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      Thx - i feared i am the only who get this.
      pieter - do you get this crash only w/ coloreditor or also on editboxes w/ azenis?
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        Just the color editor...
        ClassicPro© v2.01 : This plugin allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. ClassicPro skins are all SUI skins and loads very quickly. ClassicPro skins is even easier to skin than Winamp Classic skins. A new layout have been added since version 2.
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          Just found another bug (kinda): If you switch to a theme by selecting it in the theme list and pressing ENTER and if you happen to press ENTER again after that -> winamp.exe crashes.

          This seems to be an old problem, managed to reproduce it with aa clean Winamp 5.35 + Color Editor 2.1.0 installation too. It would be great if it is possible to fix this.
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            will forweard this to benski, thx
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              Winamp chrases if i do the following:

              double click a theme where windowbackground's and windowgradient's saturate channel is on.

              then deselect the saturate channel at windowbackground and then at windowgradient and winamp will crash.

              try it with the xp_blue 2 theme I made.
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                another crash...

                color editor:

                delete custom >crash

                using winXP


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                  Bento Skin related:

                  Color Editor is loosing custom Bento colors when winamp is restarted.. > is not saving..


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                    Reposted from Winamp 5.5.1568 discussion where it wasn't noticed. I've started to work with the Color Editor ,,, and, not-withstanding the numerous execution errors on WinXP, I've encountered a lapse in design in 2.1.1. This probably has to do with the XML structure of the RGB colors that adds 4096 to the 0-255 structure. What I want that I haven't been able to find in any other skin is the ability to set a color code to allow the Frame Buffer to shine through on all the backgrounds. This color code is RGB(31,0,15). It can't be faded or altered in any way if Windows is to ignore painting anything in this area and thus allow the AVS visualizer to display (paintng) the desktop into the foreground of all controls, as it were. I need this because when Winamp is minimized with a slow AVS then the CPU usage is very low. This is important if I am to get multiple instances beat-mixing on a relatively low powered Via CarPC. Maybe someone can tell me of a Modern Skin that has all its background colors set to 31,0,15. Thanks, because it just looks so good.


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                      Just found another sequence of actions that crashes winamp.exe (Winamp 5.5 Build 1600 + Color Editor 2.1.1 BETA, not sure for older versions):

                      1. Open Color Editor.
                      2. Click New Theme or Clone Theme.
                      3. Close the dialog that asks you for a theme name not by clicking Cancel, but by clicking the Close Window (X) (standart frame button, usually in the upper right corner).
                      4. Click New Theme or Clone Theme again to open the corresponding dialog.
                      5. Fill in some theme name and confirm with Ok or close the dialog with Cancel.
                      6. The crash occurs.

                      Strangely enough it seems that in skins that don't skin the standart frame, steps 2 and 3 must be completed at least twice before going to 4 and 5 for the crash to occur.
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                        Dude, this thing is crap on my vista. It installs, the menu item appears, but it won't select no matter what happens. Not only that, but now my Album Art window shows magenta when there is no album art loaded, I can't change skins, and uninstalling it fixes none of these issues, I.E. my winamp is now permanently broken, pending a reinstall.

                        No offense intended, but take the color editor offline till you can work out these bugs, I don't want anybody else's winamp screwed over.


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                          I've searched the forums high and low for some info on how the Color Editor is supposed to work, and have struck out on all accounts. Since there seem to be a lot of complaints about bugginess (which are matched by people saying "I dunno... it works for me..." I thought I'd post my problems here and see if anyone could point out the obviousness of what I'm doing wrong. (Nothing in the FAQ seems to cover this.)

                          I'm trying to build a Bento color theme based on Nucleo's NLog skin. I clone a color scheme (so I can edit it), open NLog in a graphics viewer and fire up a color picker so I can pull out the RGB values. And this is where things go all pear-shaped.

                          The RGB preview renders the correct color, but when I plug the same values into the settings sliders, the colors are nowhere near what they should be. This post had some suggestions about how to convert standard RGB 0-255 values to -4096-4096 values, but it didn't work for me.

                          On first look, the Color Editor seemed pretty straightforward and obvious, but I can't make it work. Is this thing horribly broken or is it just me...?


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                            I have a problem with the Color Editor:

                            When I do anything, creating a new theme, clone an existing theme and edit it, whatever and then save it,
                            it will stay put for as long Winamp is running, but when I start Winamp the next time the colors will be gone and not saved either.

                            Could anyone find a fix for this problem please?

                            I have the latest Winamp, latest Color Editor (from this thread), Windows XP Professional SP2 (Build 2600), barely any plugins installed and none used for as far as I know... ask for any additional details needed.

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                              Vista ignoring Color Editor work

                              Same problem here that others are having, just slightly different version of the details. I downloaded the Editor and installed it successfully and was able to pull up the Editor without anything crashing.... I avoided doing the things others have already said cause problems, such as closing out of the "New Skin" or "Clone Skin" dialog with the upper x rather than the cancel function... then tried to create a basic skin just as a test.

                              Selected "Royal Black" from the options, then opened the Color Editor and chose "New Skin." Named it "Basic Shock Pink" which showed up in the list of available skins on the left side of the Editor. Adjusted the display text to hot pink, made no other changes, and saved the skin.

                              Closed winamp and reopened it. It had defaulted to Royal Black, and "Basic Shock Pink" was nowhere to be found. Tried three times but no dice. Just won't recognize new color themes. No crashing, but no saving either.

                              One other note was that while installing the Editor, Vista threw up its "this software may not have installed correctly" messages, which if you've seen one, you know precisely how useless that information is. Reinstalled the Editor a couple of times but made no difference. Got the same warning message each time. My experience with Vista tells me this likely means Vista just doesn't like whatever you tried to install, particularly if the item is more XP-friendly (as some have commented here).

                              Good luck getting the Editor Vista-compatible. Meanwhile I have yet another reason to wipe my drive and install XP! Though if XP users are also having problems saving new themes, I suppose I can hope my issue isn't necessarily OS-related....