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Color Editor 2.2.1 released

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  • Color Editor 2.2.1 released

    Download Color Editor 2.2.1

    This is just an update for color editor to work w/ winamp 5.57.
    There are no new features included!

    Note: Installer was updated by Egg/Koopa, it now has a Winamp version check, you must have Winamp 5.57 installed, otherwise the Color Editor won't work.
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    Every time I try to download this, it takes me to the main Winamp download page... =/


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      here are some mirrors:
      Download Mirror 1
      Download Mirror 2
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        Could somebody, please, have a look at this thread here?

        WINAMP.COM | Forums > Winamp > Winamp Discussion > How to add an own color theme?

        It´s about an issue I have with the Color Editor...

        Why is each URL I´m adding here replaced by 'URL submitted by a user'?
        I mean, I originally wanted to add a direct link to the mentioned thread, but it doesn´t work, so, after many trials in vain, I decided to add, at least, a path to that thread.

        Sorry, to tell you, but referring to its features, it´s a very strange forum here.
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          it works, use this:

          [.URL="your URL"]sometext[/.URL]

          but replace ".URL" with "URL"
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            Well, now I got it, that´s the way I have to add URL´s here.

            Color Editor issue

            Sorry, I still see the line 'URL submitted by user' instead of my added URL.


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              that is normal for beginner users.
              the forums staff ahs added some kind of spam protection. mods and long-term users w/ enough posts can see your url.

              ok i've read through the thread. i donno if win xp also have multiuser issues w/ coloreditor, but try first to use the english language pack and lemme know if it still doesn't save
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                OK! So, I don´t have to worry about the URL anymore. Thanks!

                There´s no difference between the german and english GUI regarding the saving behaviour (still, my new theme isn´t saved), but the name of the Color Editor (the entry in the context menu) doesn´t appear twice anymore in the english GUI.


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                  After I installed colour editor, nothing obvious has changed in Winamp. How do you use the Colour Editor? Not even the Readme.txt says how!


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                    Right-Click anywhere (winamp menu)
                    - Then you should see a new option called "Color Editor"
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                      Any news about the Color Editor issue in the other thread, the one mentioned above?


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                        I'm getting Following Error when start winamp (Winamp 5.51 Full) with Color Editor 2.1.2 Installed:

                        MessageBox Title: "DDE Server Window: winamp.exe - Entry Point Not Found"
                        MessageBox Text: "The procedure entry point ??0BaseCloneCanvas@@QAE@PAVifc_canvas@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library tataki.dll."
                        MessageBox Parent: NULL
                        MessageBox Type: MB_OK|MB_ICONERROR

                        When press "OK" winamp window is created and everything is OK, but there isn't option Color Editor in the menu. IF I uninstall the color editor, no error occurs. Does somebody knows where it could be the problem?


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                          you need to install Winamp 5.53 or 5.531..
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                            This crashes winamp whenever I try to clone or create a new theme. Still using winamp version 5.531


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                              Does this happen regardless of currently selected modern skin, or just with a specific one?
                              Latest skin: fCrcl