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Official Color Editor Thread (v2.2 - 2008/02/13)

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  • Official Color Editor Thread (v2.2 - 2008/02/13)

    Latest Release:
    Color Editor 2.2.0 Beta | mirror

    Needs the latest Winamp 5.55

    - 2.2.0
    new, cleaner layout
    improved slider moving (RGB mode):
    * hold CTRL to move all silders with same value as current one
    * hold SHIFT to move all sliders, but keeping relative values
    improved gammaset edit/clone message box, so that the old set name is displayed
    fixed crash if preview color < 128 and disabling saturation
    fixed loading of saved colorthemes with Multi-User Configuration
    added winamp5.55+ support
    faq button links to the new dev wiki

    - 2.1.2
    added support for Winamp5.53+

    - 2.1.1
    removed MSVCP71.DLL dll dependancy
    added support for Winamp5.36+

    - 2.1.0
    added thinger icon
    added editboxes for exact input (thanks Leechbite)
    added support for Winamp5.31+
    new lock png - now with gammagroup
    new about box

    - 2.0.3
    made little interface changes
    added support for Winamp5.22+

    - 2.0.2
    added faq button
    fixed rgb2hsl estimation of hue when the two min values are bellow 0

    - 2.0.1
    made resizable
    added leet about box

    - 2.0.0
    made skin themes non editable
    added lock icon to themes list for skin themes
    added HSL mode
    added export button
    added clone button
    added delete button
    added copy/paste popup on groups
    added popup on themes
    added auto apply button

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    Sweet, gonna finally try and get around to Zunifying Egg's badass XP Noir theme. Thanks for all the hard work Martin!
    Request: A little SmartView Query Language love.


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      i hope u like the new layout. pieter and me spent some time to get it looking better and more intuitive to handle.
      stay also tuned for a 2.2.1 release with some new features as well (just in my brain yet hehe)

      is anyone else getting probs w/ cloning themes but they aren't populated from the selected theme?
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      Skins: Click Here


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        Yup. They populate from the Default instead? I've narrowed it down to only occuring when the name of the cloned theme is longer than 1 character in length.

        Other things I'm noticing:
        - Deleting a theme always switches you to the default theme and takes you to the top of the list when it would be friendlier if it stayed in the current scroll position (probably doesn't because of the switch).
        - Crash from deleting the cloned theme when you're currently using it (perhaps in this case it would make sense to revert to the default theme, or maybe switching to the one directly above would be more graceful).
        - The revert button doesn't seem to work quite correctly. It changes it to the default theme's base colorization rather than the way your working theme was before you messed with it.

        And I'd like to suggest having the Locked theme icon follow the same colorization as the ML icons. It isn't easy to differentiate between included and user-made themes in Bento default, for example, because they're so dark.
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        Request: A little SmartView Query Language love.


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          thx for the input - i hope to fix some stuff with the final release
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