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  • EQ and PL windows

    Hi all. It is my first modern skin & I don't know how to create the EQ and PL windows Have you some manual etc. ?? What parameters, what pictures I need to create this windows? Thanks...

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    I believe this had the EQ and PL skinned, just take it apart and rebuild according to your needs.
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      Thank you!!
      It's really easy skin, but I did not understand, where is PL xml file? In this skin only eq-normal.xml and player-normal.xml


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        From what I remember it was all jumbled in the other xml files. I'll see what I can find and get back to you.

        What you want for editing the PL are the files "components.xml, system-elements.xml, standardframe.xml and system-color.xml" they are located in the frames folder. These files handle the playlist, video, and queue manager windows. So in all honesty you will probably will only have to edit graphics and the coordinates for the elements.
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          Hmm, I will try... However, in my skin all windows in the separate xml files. it's will be not easy for me cut some code from this files. Have you some specification in this forum or else? such like this:

          I hold an interest in animation skin like standard modern skin (move EQ window) - is it maki file "anim"?? is it universal maki file for this effect?

          sorry for the nooby questions ))


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            Sorry mate this is as far as I can help you, never got into the modern skinning theme, though you could try posting at these forums:
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              Thank you for the rendered help. I have some problems with my PL window, but it isn't important.