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Bento with large font? - Or others?

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  • Bento with large font? - Or others?


    Is there anything like Bento but with a larger global font?

    I already tried scaling the skin and it just looks complete rubbish.

    I also tried "1010 Fullscreen" and it's nice but I can't use it because it's missing the url bar.

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    Hmm... I think there was a thread asking something similar here, but it could´ve been in (which is down right now).

    Basically the short answer is that what you are looking for may be found in:
    Preferences -> Skins -> Modern Skins -> Font rendering.


    Preferences -> Playlist -> (changing) "Playlist font size, in pixels:"

    Have you tried with these settings?
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      I did try to alter the Playlist fontsize setting and it does work.

      But it doesn't matter if i can not increase the other font sizes and I don't understand how to do the first part.
      How hard would it be make a configuration window for fonts like this?:

      Global; Font: [Verdana] Size: [11]
      Songticker; Font: [Arial] Size: [9]
      Playlist; Font: [Impact] Size: [10]


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        You have 2 ways to do (each does different things):

        1 - Modify LISTS fonts:
        - Clic on a list (ie playlist)
        - Press ctrl. and "+" or "-" to increase and decrease text size.

        2 - Modify OTHER fonts you see on a skin:
        - Go to Preferences -> Skins -> Modern Skins -> Font rendering: Make sure "Use skin font mapper" is on.
        - There, go to Preferences -> Skins -> Modern Skins -> Font rendering -> Configure skin font mapping.
        - There, in "Map font" (bottom/left) you can choose which font of the specific skin (of all skins) should be change for which other and at which size ("Into:"). Play a little with it, the first names on the list are the different fonts used in the skin (ie in bento, player.bitmap.nums changes the track´s time -at top / left-). With "New" you add a new parameter and with "set" you modify the selected one.

        Tell me how it went.
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          Victhor's suggestion did not work for me with Winamp 5.57 (Old version I know)

          What did work for me is to play around with the following 2 options:

          Adjust playlist and library fonts:
          Options > Preferences > General Preferences > Playlist > Use Skin or Language pack font <- Check this and adjust the "Playlist font size" number

          Adjust the general scale of the skin (mainly to adjust size of the controls / song info panel):
          Options > Preferences > Skins > Modern Skins > General > Link All Windows in All Skins <- Check this and adjust the slider


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            My new suggestion would be to use Big Bento Modern instead (see my signature), seems like exactly what the OP needed.. only 6 years later.. XD
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