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  • A Custom Commissioned Skin...

    Hey Gang,

    While i REALLY would love to build my own custom skin, my professional life prohibits me from having the time to learn XML and coding... for now. When I have some serious time off , hopefully that will change. However, for that same professional life, I also actually use Winamp for playback of Audio tracks via a Lighting Console. I have not yet found a skin that is quite a helpful as I would like in that process. I am offering to pay someone (via Paypal if possible) to create one for me. I don't have a huge budget nor do I have any clue as to what something like this should actually we will have to negotiate something reasonable to both of us. And of course, if you thought this was an easy enough project to warrant doing pro bono, I could totally get behind that or would be more than willing to link to your website or business through my own. I am sure all manner of trade could be discussed.

    What I am looking for:
    1.) Two Clocks/Progress bars - Maybe Different colors for each???
    One Track Countdown Time -
    One is Elapsed Track Time - Counter of frames would be useful, but not requisite.
    2.) Big Font for Clocks.
    3.) Bigger Track Progress bar.

    The other option could be to show Elapsed time in a clock and maybe remain/total track time in the progress/position bar?

    I often have to run Winamp on another Machine while doing a show, so I need to be able to read from a little bit of a distance and need a little more information than Winamp provided by default.

    The rest of things could be pretty standard as once I am settled into a space I usually don't futz with the EQ.

    Playlist / playlist Editor
    Button Bar

    Colors need to be high contrast for a dark room... soooo all black or dark grey and fonts will want to be in purple, blue, green, orange, etc. The ability to select font color would be nice, but again not requisite.

    Any takers? Either PM me on the forum or email me at [email protected]


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    Hi, welcome to the forum. Sounds like an interesting project (some degree of freedom + directives oriented to usability instead of branding placement..), too bad I'm totally covered with other jobs & projects, but I'm definitively putting this on queue if nobody can take a shot at it before I'm able (I think near the end of next month probably, but don't write that on stone..).
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      Vichtor! That would be fantastic and I would be very grateful and very willing to show my appreciation in some sort of tangible way for you.

      I am not really fussy, just needs to be functional. Don't want to trouble you. Any chance you could shoot for sometime before Feburary? Thats about when I would be looking to make sue of this for shows.


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        As a sidebar, I could probably draw a rough draft of what I am thinking if that would help.


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          I'm sure before February we can have it done. My schedule is full just for the next month aprox.
          When we get on with this, a quick draft among other stuff would be good. I'll send you a Private message when available.
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            Hiya Vichtor! Are you in a place we could out this skin ?


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              Indeed, I was preparing an email with some stuff for you. I'll send it to you soon.
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                I'd be keen to see this too Victhor as I've been after a djish skin that this sounds like it could be, even if it's a screenshot and then avail to buy
                Cheers, Pete

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                  ok, will have to sort out something after I coordinate with Dustin. Stay subscribed to the thread
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