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  • CPRO2 CoolVU Widget

    Hi, I modified and recompiled the CoolVU Widget, sothat it will work in
    CPro2 skins as well as in CPro1 skins.

    I've created a new installer which does the job.
    the modified .nsi and the exe file is available here:

    (maybe you can put it up on skinconsortium)

    I used the _installer folder which is required for compiling with nsis from here: (winamp5 folder)

    P.S I tried to post it at the Skinconsortium Forum:

    but when I click the Reply link, the Website hangs... (Victhor, can you help?)

    Kind regards Raver
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    Good job, tested and it worked flawlessly.
    SC server could be a bit slow at times, but AFAIK it's totally functional, I've just tried and it works. Maybe the message warning the thread is too old was troubling, try now.

    Screencap for those not remembering what's this about (VU meter blends nicely on most color themes too):

    Click image for larger version

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      I edited The Exe file today (same download link)
      there was one bug in the old one, that the settings could not opened in a
      cpro2 skin
      this is now solved - Youtube Radio (buy me) - Contact Music & More


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        D'oh! I never used the old VU meter so I didn't noticed the missing button. Now I've updated the screenshot.

        Installer file is not using the cPro icon, can you fix it? (I'm sure I have the original .ico somewhere here..)
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          Hi ravermeister,

          This is very cool. Is it a RMS meter? Any background info on how it works (like which options to use to get the most accurate results)? Just playing around with it, I get vastly different results.

          The attachment shows the CoolVU widget with Victhor's new cProXUI Unity ECNMY 2014 v1.0 skin. The dual meter on the lower left side is an old visualizer (BJR Labs - Stereo Analog VU Meter (RMS) v1.50) that I use from time to time. It was designed to integrate with classic skins, with modern skins it can only be placed at the lower left side of the screen. I made a few changes to the BJR Labs original graphics.

          I'm trying to get CoolVU to respond close to the BJR Labs meter's response. It may not be possible if CoolVU is not a RMS meter. In any case, thank you for providing this widget.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	vu meters.png
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            Hi, I can not tell much about the insides, I just made little changes to make it compatible to the new cpro2 architecture.

            more info can be found on the original thread (maybe ask the original author):

            EDIT: I attached the Source Code for animating the Vu meter,
            but I do not have the skills to tune it. (I know a little bit C, but neither how to compile *.m files nor the 'well documented' Winamp API )

            anyway you can find the complete source for coolvu in your winamp directory:
            the interesting files are:
            - Load\coolvu.xml (for cpro1)
            - Load\v2\coolvu.xml (for cpro2)
            - Data\CoolVu\* (the *.m files are the source files)
            - cpro-widget-CoolVU.nsi (installer source file for the widget)

            That's weird for me, the Icon shows correctly, see screenshot
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              Originally Posted by ravermeister View Post
              That's weird for me, the Icon shows correctly, see screenshot
              Yep, don't worry, was just a semi-corrupted download at work. At home it worked ok.

              Good job!
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                PS: What you've discovered is gold... most (if not all) Widgets work fine with cPro2 with your method. Probably there could be some stability issue so that's why Pieter never told me but.. what the heck, until all widgets are "ported" looks like a pretty good solution for me.
                I particularly was missing the Picture box widget, now I made the "port" and after several tests it works fine. I even made some mods and after a couple of break / fix / break / fix it is more or less like I wanted.
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                  ClassicPro PictureBox Widget... I already heard something about it, and I am very curious, but I did not even dare to try it (maybe together with some other Widgets). I have all the SoundCloud Podcast Pictures in the same folders, although they have different pixel sizes, for example 400x400, 500x500, 720x720, 800x800 and 960x960 pixel. It would be pretty cool to see them...
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                    Dear Victhor,
                    It might be a long shot after almost two year but I am currently looking for an easy way how to make the CPRO Picture Box Widget work in CPRO2 skins. As you wrote earlier in this thread, ravermeister and you found a solution how to modify the installer. Unfortunately, I was unable to copy the procedure. It would be great if you could make a CPRO2 version of the Picture Box installer available to download.
                    Thank you very much in advance!


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                      Ok, got it working. All fine. Thanks.


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                        Good, because a) I still don't know how to make an installer (it's a matter of researching I guess but I've never needed so far so..) and b) for some reason I stopped using the plugin at some point and I really don't remember what I did to make it work (which again would demand to research / re-read..).

                        I did refurbished the code for a project of mine so that's fresh heh.
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