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    Pink on pink in the Color Themes window

    RazorEdge is an old skin with a Color Themes window. If you load it into a recent version of Winamp then the name of the current color theme will be written in pink text on a pink background. See the top-left screenshot in pink-on-pink.png.

    Painting parts of a skin pink is a color-coded error message complaining about missing definitions of elements. In this case, the undefined elements are colors.

    How to fix it?

    Step 1

    Adding the color definitions in post #14 will fix both the text color and the background color. See the top-right screenshot in pink-on-pink.png.

    But all is not fixed yet. There is still a thin pink vertical line in the Theme header. It says that the color of the bottom and right borders of header buttons is not defined. See an enlarged image of a header button from the Media Library where the bottom and right borders are marked in red.

    Step 2

    So take a screenshot of the Media Library and pick the color of the bottom and right borders of a header button. RazorEdge uses the default colors for header borders, so the color you will pick will be a dark grey color, "32,32,32".

    Now that you know the color, you can add its definition to SystemColors.xml:

    PHP Code:
    <color id="wasabi.list.column.frame.bottom" value="32,32,32"/> 
    See the result in the third screenshot in pink-on-pink.png. The thin pink vertical line is now a thin dark grey vertical line. You could make it the same color as the rest of the Theme header but that would break the header borders in the Media Library.

    A better Step 2

    There is an even better fix, though. Just hide the Theme header. Open the xml file that defines the Color Themes window (colors.xml in RazorEdge) and add nocolheader="1" to the ColorThemes:list tag like this:

    PHP Code:
    <ColorThemes:list id="main.colourthemes.list" x="18" y="27"
    w="274" h="125" nocolheader="1" /> 
    See the fix in the fourth screenshot in pink-on-pink.png.
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    Ariszló @ WinCustomize & DeviantArt


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      Animated Seekers

      Old skins with animated seekers may crash Winamp if you switch to them while listening to an online stream.

      The culprits are the maki scripts that calculate the position of the seeker by dividing the time left since the beginning of the track by the length of the track. Unfortunately, Winamp does not retrieve those data from online streams, which causes a division by zero error.

      The solution is to replace each occurrence of this string:
      with this in the maki scripts:
      Pay attention to the parentheses.

      The attached contains the fixed scripts for the Dominator skin.
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      Ariszló @ WinCustomize & DeviantArt