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Ariszló’s Study Skin released

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  • Ariszló’s Study Skin released

    Although it is named similarly to what I started to experiment with 5 years ago, this is a completely revamped project.

    Ariszló’s Study Skin is both a Winamp Modern skin and a skinning aid.

    As a skin, it introduces new features such as
    • state-sensitive tooltips for the shuffle and repeat buttons, and
    • dynamic tooltips for the seeker, the volume slider and the crossfade slider

    As a skinning aid, it adds informative comments to XML and MAKI codes. It also comes with modular MAKI scripts that can be easily reused in other skins.

    Get it at WinCustomize or DeviantArt.
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    Ariszló @ WinCustomize & DeviantArt

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    Version 0.81 (2021-08-20)
    • Added Links window
    • Moved skin-specific width & height values from coversize.m to coverart.xml

    Version 0.82 (2021-08-21)
    • Moved skin-specific height definition from tooltips.m to toolips.xml
    Ariszló @ WinCustomize & DeviantArt