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How to view skin's image?

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  • How to view skin's image?

    New here, I recently downloaded a skin for my winamp and I love it! It's a manga drawing and I want to find the source, but the person who made it says they don't have the source. Is there a way I can view the background of the skin without the ui? Thank you!

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    It depends. Some skins may contain the unmodified background image (although usually scaled down) inside the wsz, wal or zip archive. If the file extension of the skin is zip then you can enter it with the Windows file manager and see what png's or bmp's it contains. If it is wsz or wal then you can get inside the skin with 7-Zip.
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      Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
      If it is wsz or wal then you can get inside the skin with 7-Zip.
      Sometimes it also works if you simply (temporarily) rename the extension; renaming to .ZIP will allow you -- as Ariszlo said -- to enter the file with e.g. Windows Explorer.
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        If the skin is a Winamp Classic skin you can use Skinimizer to decompile the skin into it's components. It will keep track of both the standard files and extra files to browse and copy out without modifying anything.


        Whoops, I just saw that you posted in Modern Skins, nevermind.
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