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CoverPlaying - A great cover art window mod for Big Bento!

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  • ChocolateAdventurouz
    Seriously. why do all the Antiviruses find the installers without version_info as "malicious". I tried adding version_info on resource hacker and FVIE but it corrupted the installer. I have created the installer on NSIS with a simple "extract" zip2exe or whether it is called, so no source code, and even I had it, I would NOT sit and fix it, because it is time wasteful and that will be boring to do-do-do and DO again for every version of CoverPlaying who the only people who use it is me, my, and I.

    P.S: If you download the mod (i don't think you would download this), please avoid the crap that the av will say.

    Thanks, ChocolateAdventurous aka Rel@m.

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  • ChocolateAdventurouz
    1.12 Released!

    Was the thread supposed to be on the "Plug-ins" section?
    If a mod sees that, and agrees with that, move it

    Anyways, today I finished the 1.12 development, and here is the changelog:

    - Support for Small Bento
    - Added a specific metadata sorting "Now Playing: <title or filename if it hasn't title> - With: <artist>"
    - Created an installer since the mod installation is a bit complex (on the installer choose the Winamp Skins Directory "Winamp/Skins")

    The installer was built using NSIS.
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  • ChocolateAdventurouz
    Thanks for letting me know about that.

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  • NJK
    Please ,next time add the screenshots to the post as attachments , it nearly broke the internet.

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  • CoverPlaying - A great cover art window mod for Big Bento!

    I want to show you a mod I made for the Bento skins!

    The mod is supported only on Big Bento. I am working on (small) Bento support (almost finished!)

    It displays the cover art of the song in a window (like the video, vis, brw etc), it shows the title of the song on the left corner and it has a "clever" method to display the title even the song's metadata hasn't title (not actually "clever", it uses the filename of the song).

    The mod is useful for streaming on Internet, or when you have a "TV-Radio Station", as well it can be used at parties and events, because of the "big" window.

    Download the mod here