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Can any1 help me please

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  • Can any1 help me please

    Im still young and new kinda new at skinning. For all the experienced skinners i was just wondering what programs i could use to create basic forms that i could build up with photoshop. If any1 could let me know what programs and where i could download trials or something like that i would be greatful.

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    imagination + pen and paper + scanner/webcam/digital camera

    only done this once so, um hmm... that is all
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      generally, i make complex shapes in photoshop by either using combinations of selections or by using the pen tool to make the shape roughly and using channels to smooth it out. If you need help with anything, I can either help you find tutorials, or walk you through it.

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        Draw it on paper until your happy, then re-create the shapes using the pen tool in ps. Or by manipulating vector shapes in photoshop.