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    Re: Animation on startup

    Originally posted by WILDCORE 1K1WS
    I´ve got a question,I´m working on a Car Stereo,it`s nearly done but what is missing is an Animation which starts when WA3 is loaded,I´ve got the PNG file with all the frames necessary for the Animation,my problem is how can i do this now? The Animation is like the OEL-Display Movies known from Pion**r/Kenw**d car Stereos.The area where the animation should start is also the display area where the vis,timer,songticker are.It`s my first skin for WA3 and so far my experience is weak.Could someone help me out with a XML Code and perhaps a Script?
    #include "../../../lib/std.mi"

    Global AnimatedLayer anlAnimation;

    System.onScriptLoaded() {
    Layout lytMainNormal = getContainer("main").getLayout("normal");

    anlAnimation = lytMainNormal.findObject("Animation");
    anlAnimation.setSpeed(50); // 20 fps; set desired speed by yourself


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      Animation at startup

      Okay,that`s nice,much thnx,but how i get this to work with this code?
      What i try to say is,is this Code to be compiled for Maki or should i insert it in the XML and make changes there.
      The PNG i created includes 31 frames.

      Sorry for my dumb questions.


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        Heres a Screen how it shoul look like

        I`ve attached a Screenshot which shows my Main Window and what i exactly want WA3 to do,everytime you start it the Animation is first "played" in the Display Area of the Main window,like i posted before, i dunno how to code this event and how to implement my PNG file which contains 31 frames of the animation.I´m very grateful for your Posting Spleen,but I´m a Newbie to WA3.So if i compile your Code with MC.exe what should i write in my XML?
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          After compiling Spleen's code, you have to include the script in your XML (usually scripts.xml) like this:
          <script id="StartUpAnimation" file="scripts/startanim.maki"/>
          assuming you called it startanim.maki.
          Also, you have to put your Animated Layer in your XML somewhere.
          Do you want the image to disappear after the animation is done? If so, you could do it with a slightly more complicated script, or you could just add an empty frame to the end of your animation.
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            Thnx dude,that helped me much ,you guys are great.I´ll mention you both in the Credits


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              Nice skin wildcore. Let me know when you finish it.


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                D `oh

                I have compiled the Code,have included the script in the XML and added the Animated Layer in the XML,and the reslut was the Guru Meditation because of a script failure "... Null Object called"

                This is what i used in my XML to make the animation work:

                <bitmap id="startanim" file="images/swingman.png"/>
                <script id="startanim" file="scripts/startanim.maki"/>
                <animatedlayer id="startanim" x="120" y="60"
                autoplay="0" image="startupanim" speed="150" framewidth="157"
                sysregion="1" realtime="0" alpha="0" ghost="1" autoreplay="0"/>
                I also want to add that all necessary XML Codes for this skin to work are included in my Skin.xml


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                  Okay i thought i attach my whole XML + Script so someone could check it out and tell me if i forgot something/or done something wrong with the Script and XML,i think this is better than posting parts of the XML.

                  Thnx in advance for help
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                    if your animation only has to play on start up, you dont need a script, just put this in your xml:-


                    x="120" y="60"
                    w="157" h="put the frame height here"

                    the animation will need a blank frame on the end of it(to be transparent) & if it needs to play continuously change the autoreplay value to 1.

                    hope this helps


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                      Yeeeeehaw!!! That worked

                      It`s perfect,thank you so much


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                        ok frisbeemonkey,
                        your codes r super useful, but iv got one problem:
                        how do you compile a .maki script?
                        its probably simple to you, but i know no code, and just enuf XML to code a wa3 skin
                        it would be really great if someone could help me with this...


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                          /hangs head in shame
                          ...boy did Spleen and I make that more complicated than it had to be, hehe. Thanks for saving the situation Dirty

                          You compile scripts with mc.exe (found in your winamp3 directory.) I usually copy mc.exe from there to my scripts dir of my skin. Then I create a batch file with the contents:
                          mc myScript
                          Then when I run the batch file, myScript.m is compiled into myScript.maki.
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                          Skinning References: MAKI Scripts - GUIDs & Button Actions - Skinner's FAQ
                          Skin Help: MAKI Cheats - Component Skinning - Skinning Tutorial


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                            now i can code maki 4 my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                              Cool idea frisbee!!

                              Why not make this into a package that can be installed using NSIS and host it at SourceForge.Net?

                              This is very cool. Too bad I dont script and dont have time too.
                              "Welcome to the Island of people who know too much."..."Did you really think balloons would stop him?!"
                              See what I'm listening too.


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                                Ok Frisbee, how 'bout this? A script for animated eq bars, like Wa2.x style. Everything I've tried so far doesn't work the way I want it to. For the most part, when I click on the sliders, they don't update the layer below until I let go. I want the layers to update as I move the sliders. Understand what I'm asking? I hope so. Just look at the way WA2.xx works. I want to emulate that exactly.

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