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    Hey People,
    I just got Winamp3 and it rocks!! I downloaded some pretty cool skins too and they are deadly. I was wondering if anybody would like to make an Oasis skin and post it on the site??? I love Oasis and some of the Winamp2 skins on this site were excellent. So,I guess what I'm sayin' is SOMEBODY MAKE ONE of Oasis
    If anyone's up for that let me know! Afta!

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    If you still wanted to use your old oasis skins from winamp2, there should be a converting program on this site. Not sure how well it works, but if didn't know about it that might help hold you over in the meantime

    [email protected]


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      Thanx man, I'll have a look for that program!


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        actually you don't need a program, just put the .wsz files in your winamp3/skins folder and they should work


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          I've seen it work without but.....

          I tried using an old skin from winamp2 on winamp3, but it doesn't support the look of the playist under winamp2. The skin in general worked though, you're right . I'm not sure if that program skincoverter has something to fix it, but it would be nice if it does .

          [email protected]