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a skin...without the flowers

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  • a skin...without the flowers

    well, after having to get my last thread locked before it turned into another flamewar, I have decided to have another go...

    (sorry about the size, it will be scaled down in the future)

    As yet, i don't know what will go where, and what will be added/removed, which is why i made this thread, so you can suggest what should be done to it, is it too cluttered (i think i will change the big sunk buttons). What do you think should go where?

    please bear in mind that this is my first trip into metal-heaven

    btw, thanks robouk for the smooth metal tut, i love it (in a sort of anti-metal sort of way)

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    "beveliscous" or something like that

    Where will be all teh info?


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      i have no idea where the info will go. and there is not one bevel on the whole skin :P (the outside is inner glow+inner shadow, with a gradient overlay, and the buttons are just linear gradients).


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        Well it does look real nice binary. And i still dont understand why every1 says bevelscious for everything that looks 3D ish. If the design is kick booty like this why does it matter?


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          I really would have liked to see some flowers on your skin.

          (you must have seen this comment coming!!! )


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            Not to get techincal, but by definition that skin has numerous bevels in it. Bevels if I am not mistaken are sharp edges.


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              Doth mine eyes deceive me?

              Is this some kind of psychosocial experiment? Or are you really creating this skin? If the latter, I hope at least one of the color themes is "Mystery Machine" Looking good though, can't wait to see it when functionality is added.
              And why does everyone say "beveliscious", Binary? Any clue who might have started that?
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                i'm not a big fan of the design.. but perhaps if i see more... tough to say...

                but i do have a question... how do you get those thin inset looking lines?.. i've been trying and trying.. but i've had absolutly NO luck figuring it out..




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                  Its a black and a white line, and one of the two has an offset of 1,1 (x,y)


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                    how increadably simple... gracious