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  • D-Shock 1.0

    Hey all,
    Its been months but I can gladly say I think we are complete.
    attatched is 1.0 of D-shock for you guys to just test and give us some feedback before we release it to the masses =)
    If you want to submit a colour theme you are welcome to as long as its different from the others and LOOKS GOOD

    Skin features:
    Main player and all conponents skinned
    1 shade mode, 1 stick mode.
    Around 40 colour themese (I didnt count)
    Configure panel (thanks to peterclark for idea)
    A few things I probably forgot to mention.

    Thanks for the continued interest and support and a big thanks to Vica for his top notch coding.

    D-Shock 1.0
    Graphics Robouk Coding: Vica

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    Looks great, works good in 488, but it crashes 491.

    I'm looking into it, I'll PM if I track down the problem.

    I was away for a while.
    But I'm feeling much better now.


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      great skin, i have two suggestions:
      1) the configure window looks identical to mercury's maybe you should give it a different look.
      2)When you change the voulme with the mouse wheel the change doesn't appear in the ticker.
      The color themes are great and the skin is great also.


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        in the shade mode (not the stick), the volume up tool tip just says up, while the volume down tool tip says volume down.

        In the standard frames that use the panel (preferences, your config): the panel with all of the content stops before the bottom of the frame, which leaves a totally blank spot. This looks like an error to me.

        These are the only things I've been able to find. It looks good. Even if its not my cup of tea.

        Addendum: I'm not sure that panel even works (as in looks good) for your skin, but thats just my opinon.
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          just one more thing:
          the delay for the autorepeatvoulmebuttons seems too much for my taste but i guess you could include that in the configure panel if it becomes an issue.


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            omg omg omg omg *cries*

            woo wooo..thanks


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              I can't believe it is actually finished! My faith in this community is being restored! This skin is just so fresh and so clean clean! Great job!


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                ooo lala, i just want to hold it, mm


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                  beautiful....simply stunning. a little bug: in the components, the title is off center
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                    Excellent skin. Clean and beautiful.


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                      Looks awesome!

                      Only a couple issues, double-clicking the Playlist Editor title bar brings it into shade mode, but double-clicking it again does not restore it. The Playlist doesn't remember the width when switching from shade to normal. You can only resize the shade mode on the right side.

                      The "Enable Song Ticker Scrolling" does not have an effect on the ticker in the component windows.

                      Switching out of shade mode is a bit awkward since I have to open a drawer to get to the button, maybe if it was open by default? Or opened on mouse-over?

                      All in all, great skin!
                      Good work Robouk and Vica!


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                        the edges are...REALLY EDGY...=\


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                          the edges are...REALLY EDGY...=\...hmm..stupid winamp turned AA off.blah o_O


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                            Thanks all, I will take everything you said into consideration and try to get those things fixed up for release.

                            Keep searching and let me know if you have any more issues =)


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                              The loading error which occurs in build 491 is the same error which occurred for MMD3. A few days ago, by deleting things until it worked The error is todo with the code in (D-Shock):
                              item = Config.getItem("Playlist editor");
                              if (item != NULL) {
                              attr_repeat = item.getAttribute("repeat");
                              attr_shuffle = item.getAttribute("shuffle");

                              In MMD3 the error was to do with:
                              item = Config.getItem("Playlist editor");
                              if (item != NULL) {
                              attr_repeat = item.getAttribute("repeat");
                              attr_shuffle = item.getAttribute("shuffle");

                              Exactly the same error! Well by deleting this and recompiling I got both to work for Build 491
                              Is this a bug?

                              Bye, Dre

                              [edit]Oh yeah, by the way the erroneous code is found in sysfunc.m for D-Shock, and playertools.m for MMD3[/edit]