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  • RGB-HSL-Gamma Converter

    Hey skinners,

    I made this tool for myself to assist in making themes for my skins and I though others might find it useful as well. It's a small HTML application that will convert RGB to gamma values, much like Evil Pumpkins or Da Pipe's, but this app also let's you adjust values by hue, saturation and luminance.

    The hue is specifically why I made this tool though. I would find a nice tone, and then adjust the hue to cycle through different colors with the same levels of saturation and luminance. That way I could make multiple themes with a consistent visual tone.

    Now, I'm no math wiz, this was made primarily with formulas I found in newsgroups. Sometimes while cycling through the different fields, you'll see other numbers changing, but that's because a straight conversion cannot always be made.

    In any of the fields you can press the up/down arrow keys to adjust the value by 1, or shift & up/down arrow keys to adjust by 10.

    Here's a screenshot:

    Here's a download link:
    Download Converter.hta (15KB)

    For those not familiar with HTA files, it's just like an EXE, double-click to run. I think you need to have IE5.0 or newer installed though.

    If you find bugs, post em here. If you find this tool useful, let me know! Happy theming!

  • #2 first i didnt really care...then i seen how it copies the numbers like "18,166,15"...nice!!!

    this will surely save people time


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      nice. maybe more useful than mine.


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        A color dialog window would be very usefull


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          this is very useful and like eng3l said a color dialog window would be even better although i dont know how easy that would be. either way this is great
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            Pretty cool... given that PS works with HSL for gamma altering.. this would be really good from making themes directly from the psd.

            Good stuff.

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              Doesn't work for me

              it crashes everytime i run it, am i the only one with this problem??what can i do??


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                Crashes? Does it give an error message?


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                  I'm gonna d-load this now!

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                    yes it gives an error message
                    it's in spanish but you'll get the point
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                      Hmm, I don't know what the problem is, but you can try a few things. Find another HTML file somewhere on your computer and rename the extension to HTA. See if you can run it, if not you might have a problem with HTA files in general.

                      If it does work, then it must be a problem with the script in the HTA. Make sure you have IE 5 (or better) installed. Maybe for some reason your scripting engine is out of date or corrupted, you can try reinstalling the Windows Script engine by getting it here:

                      Let me know what happens.


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                        if i rename a html file to hta there's no problem and i have iexplorer 6 so i downloaded what you told me and still the error message appears, have you tested in in 9x


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                          putting a negative into the hsl causes an error.

                          just so ya know.

                          very handy tool btw.


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                            Hitting TAB key converts you the values. I'd appreciate the clear button beside each line of values. Btw, excellent work!


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                              Roberto, sorry it's not working for you, I haven't tested on a 9x system at all, and I have no means to, but I would've assumed it would work since it's just HTML and javascript/vbscript. I'm not sure what else I can do to help. If I can get to an older machine, I will see what I can figure out.

                              I'll work on the other bugs when I can, as well as a color picker.