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new skin concept debedded(?) from adil's thread

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  • new skin concept debedded(?) from adil's thread

    originally posted by binary hero


    music playback
    lcd interface
    uber-cool non-rect shape
    99% cpu usage
    HUGE RAM load
    small 21Mb filesize!
    34 different modes that are all essentially different skins, but i think it's cooler this way.
    really uninventive name (naoneo vorbis player) - sorry rd, i just needed a name.

    originally posted by binary_hero
    my post had more of a point than to just copy adil or take the piss. i put that together (skin, packaging, snazzy background and all - it even has the layout for a stdframe) in 30mins FLAT, to be as unoriginal as possible. i have said it before, and i will say it again (mostly in pleading with the skinner gods here, like adil and raydream) to do something different, you are pretty much worshipped here, and if you change, the forum will. All 206 of the winamp3 skins @ look the same...CHANGE!
    originally posted by JBloggs
    There are people out there that want to do different things, but they don't seem to have the time or skills or they just get ignored. (like me)

    I agree with BH, there isn't enough diversity.

    Sorry I didn't say anything about the skin, how off topic of me, but it's so near completeion that theres nothing to say.
    originally posted by rpeterclarkAfter bieng around here long enough, I've noticed most people fall into a couple groups. There's skinners who make good work, then there's people who try to tell good skinners how to make thier own skins.

    BH, your skin was unoriginal because you were copying Adil, as so many other people do around here, but that doesn't mean Adil's work is unoriginal. Insisting that he changes so that other people can copy whatever new he comes up with will only lead to more unoriginality.

    I say if you don't like what's out there, make something new youself. If you aren't any good at it, go learn, that's what we did.
    originally posted by binary hero[/i]
    i am working on a winamp3 skin at the moment. hell, i have the winamp3 nsdn xml tutorial page open at this very moment, along with the xml for the skin.

    now, the skin i made and posted earlier was meant to look unoriginal, and a copy of adil's, and i never insisted he changed (what grounds would i have to do that). I never said i don't like the skins that are out there, i just am getting a little tired of them all looking the same. I'm not trying to tell people how to make their skins, i am trying to inject some life into the skins database, go look through it, you'll see what i mean. when somebody reviews mooow, they will HAVE to give it a low originality score - because it isn't that original any more. yes, the concept is great, the coding is fantastic and it looks hellishly's just been done before, many times before. Same with your skins - all fantastic, but all the same. I will not hesitate to give any of yours/adil's skins 5 aesthetics stars, and probably 5 completness stars too...but i CAN'T give that many originality ones.

    i am not trying to insult anyone here (if i remember correctley, i classed you and adil as "skinner gods" earlier, if that's an insult to either of you, i apologise).
    originally posted by rpeterclarkI am not insulted or upset or anything, just discussing! But I won't perpetuate this hijacking any longer, why not start up a new thread to discuss this topic. i did. sorry i hijacked your thread adil, i'll try not to do it again, and can we please keep this conversation clean and above the belt

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    I totally agree. I have a college progect in the works of becoming a wa3 skin right now, and (yes wa3 skinners) it's got no (NONE!) metal OR LCD anywere near it! It's got a simple colour scheme(sp?) but all the people that have seen it like it. It has 3 modes which are a small mode, video mode and video and pl mode (thing or real names later) GFX aint finished but they aint far off.

    Anyone intrested?
    Originally posted by PAK-9
    Heck, it cant be worse than the PS3's double ended silver dildo.


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      Take my opinion however u see fit but i believe that we as humans have an instinct to model or "copy" from previous works. It is though recreating or modeling our work after someone else that we show our admiration or respect for the originator. The Greeks are credited for some of the greatest architecture and even back then the Romans modeled their work after the Greeks. Even looking at today, some of the most respected buildings in the US resemble Greek structures because it signifies power and greatness. I normally dont post here because i can not stand the cockyness and attitudes of some of the talented skinners. Particularly one always has a smart ass remark for everything. The forums are meant to be personal critiques of works of art and havent been for a while. This forum is turning into few persons showcasing their pieces and alot of childish bickering, accusing, and unfriendly comments. And I am currently not making a skin because i view these forums to much and dont want that to influence my own work and become another conformity.


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        Im not trying to say that copying is ok or justify it in any way. Im basically trying to say that we sometimes do it without noticing it. When i began making my own skin i was confronted with this aswell. And yes after a while everything does start to look the same and can get frustrating for the pioneers who then become another ripple in the water. Thats why the best inovators can always come up with something new and regain their throne. As for me i have the visions and drawings but cannot impliment my talent with the computer to make a skin worthy of myself or to have others use.


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          I agree with you there bh. I think it's around time we wa2 skinners moved on to skinning wa3. A lot of the skinners here are very talented but like bh said most of the skins look too similar.


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            Let's bring the wa2 skinners in!


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              agreed! we need some fresh blood in here. and if anyone is reluctnat due to coding or whatnot...ill do all of it
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                Originally posted by Naamloos
                Let's bring the wa2 skinners in!

                I'm a WA2 skinner, and a WA3 skinner, and I hate metal skins, can't say I've ever done anything remotely metalic in my life...


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                  Media Whore nonwithstanding Jones.


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                    Think a bit harder and you will notice that we're talking about a MEDIA PLAYER.
                    media players need an LCD just like your computer needs a monitor.

                    Last edited by Adil; 25 January 2003, 11:54.


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                      i remember paperamp(?) for wa2... didn't need an lcd. it looked like crap but i think it was supposed to.


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                        Originally posted by Xerxes
                        Media Whore nonwithstanding Jones.

                        MW was your artwork, I just made it work


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                          Originally posted by Mr Jones
                          I'm a WA2 skinner, and a WA3 skinner, and I hate metal skins, can't say I've ever done anything remotely metalic in my life...
                          Well you did that silver Jeri Ryan skin and IIRC silver is a metal .


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                            Originally posted by Adil
                            Think a bit harder and you will notice that we're talking about a MEDIA PLAYER.
                            media players need an LCD just like your computer needs a monitor.

                            It doesn't NEED a LCD, but no-one has thought of a way to make it look good without one, so it's easier to do what everyone else does and use an LCD instead of coming up with a new idea.
                            It doesn't have to look realisitc.
                            Most handheld media players need a lcd, or they couldn't work. But skins are an interface and interfaces can come in any form that is somewhat usable. Hence 'free form'.

                            I think most people don't like change, and any new ideas tend to get squashed before they can devolop into something good.

                            Most skins here look good, but there not fuctional. Many are a large lump of very good graphics, I drool over them, but that doesn't make it functional, in fact in some cases the graphics are destracing as to where the buttons are. The BEST skin of all in my opinion, is not a skin at all but a hotkey plug-in.

                            My 2 cents.
                            ¯¯¯¯Joe Bloggs____


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                              Originally posted by Adil
                              Think a bit harder and you will notice that we're talking about a MEDIA PLAYER.
                              media players need an LCD just like your computer needs a monitor.

                              hmmm not realy, i can think of serveral skins without LCD, my own nonstep being one of them