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Before you post in this forum, read this first.

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  • Before you post in this forum, read this first.

    Before you press the new topic button and create a new thread in this forum, please be 100% sure of what you are posting.

    1) If you recieved an email telling you a skin had been unpublished/rejected/removed then DO NOT start a new thread, but post in the rejection appeal thread, like you were told to in the mail you recieved.
    The URL for that thread is...

    Any appeal threads not posted in that thread will be locked.

    2)When you post in the appeal thread, be sure you know your Component ID number, if you don't know it, don't post, we can't help you if you only know the skin name, author name etc, Component ID is king.

    If you don't know it, look at the component in your user developer area, wave the cursor over the edit link, look in your browser status bar, make a note of the 6 digit number. If that still dosn't make sense, look at the attachment at the end of this thread.

    3) If you are here to report a rip of a skin or plugin, then by all means press the new thread button, if you don't know what a rip is, then read this.

    Again we need Component ID numbers before we can act,that's CID's of the suspected rip and the original. Remember Component ID is king.

    4) If you have any other questions about submission policy of this site, please read the FAQ first before posting.

    If none of this is clear, then feel free to press this link...


    And ask me directly.
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