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Skin Appeal Thread V2.0

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  • Skin Appeal Thread V2.0


    If you have recieved an email from Mike the llama telling you your skin has been rejected or removed for some reason, then this is the place where you can argue your case.

    Before you go post however, please take a momment to give us some information , the more information you can give us, the quicker we can help you.

    The main thing we need from you is a Component ID number (CID), without this we can't help you, skin names, user names mean nothing, CID is what we need.

    If you don't know what your CID is, look at the component in your user developer area, wave the cursor over the edit link, look in your browser status bar, make a note of the 6 digit number. If that still dosn't make sense, look at this screenshot.

    You might also want to take five minutes to read over the submission policy of this site, 99 times out of a 100, the reason your skin has been rejected/removed will be listed in there, go on, give it a read.

    So, if you have your CID and you've read the FAQ, then feel free to post away.

    If none of this is clear, then feel free to press this link...



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    Dear sir. My skin 172048 was approved several days ago and is now gone. I recieved no emails, it is not on my profile in any way. This is the second time it has mysterously dissapeared. (it was on for quite a while and got 500K downloads the first time) I actualy have permission from the artist to use her images for a winamp skin, so I cannot see this being a copyright issue.

    I am sorry if this is the wrong place to bring this up, this just seems the most likley place to get to a person. Thanks


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      Not sure, a lot of stuff was published in the last week, the files however were corrupt when they were published on the site, so they were all removed again, might be one of those.

      I have no idea what's going on at present with the publishig system, it's all a bit 'broken' at this time.


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        Reviewer Notes: Reject
        I have some seriuos doubts about you making this skin. This is because of your comment on the skin. Mostake skins don't use that kind of comment. It also is because of the dates different components were made.If you did indeed make this skin yourself, you can state your case in this forum thread.

        Of course I did my skin Windows Media Player 12 Basic,hy would i write an interface that has Windows Media Player 12,
        say of a skin that's for girl 's comment artist.,why you rejected my skin I've done has all interfaces prefect has nothing to winamp I've tested it and works very well skin.

        I made a perfect skin for the world and i want to share to everybody I worked the skin 2 months.

        please nice to accept the this skin.

        If you want proof you ask for some friends of mine and will make a video that i made those skins.

        Thanks in advance.

        Love Winamp Player and Winamp Site.


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          In order for it to be reconsidered, you'd have to re-submit.

          And instead of saying in your comment that it is the best skin you've ever seen (which most people who can't make skins use to submit other peoples' skins), describe the skin itself.