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  • X-Plugin v1.0.1

    I have video card supports 16bit and 24bit. When i start the plugin a message appears "(Error 7) No windowable Direct3D devices found". I have to change the color depth to 16bit to run it! I want to convert the plugin to support 24bit.

    I expecting answer. Thank you!

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    other than you trying to find the plug-in author and contact them to see if they can update it to work on new OSes and with better compatibility, there is little anyone here can do especially as it's a 10+ year old plug-in.

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      How to send a message to the author?


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        see if there's anything in the plug-in's documentation or if anything can be found from an archived version of the plug-in's original site (since it's a geocities link then you're going to have to look through any internet archives, etc).

        though that's assuming any of the details which can be found are even valid anymore - is the downside of plug-ins from a decade ago and people stopping developing them.

        WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog