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Where are the graphic equalizers

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  • Where are the graphic equalizers

    Every time I try to down load the graphic equalizer plug-in, I am thrown to no where and no equalizer. Winamp is a very good app. I am just disappointed that access to a graphic equalizer is impossible. Did I miss something? If anyone have a idea of where to get a graphic equalizer for this PC version of winamp?

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    it's in winamp

    you don't need a plugin; it's already there in winamp under Options > Equalizer. i, however, have chosen not to use it for several years now because i've determined in the past that it was rather buggy & was crashing my winamp way too often for my liking... they may have cleaned it up since then to some point of decent usability, but i've been happily settled with my soundcard's EQ settings for a long time now... you're always free to try it out for yourself... please let me know if or how well it works these days!