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Howto get the lyrics plugin working again

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  • Howto get the lyrics plugin working again

    1. copy your installed Winamp folder from c:\Program Files\Winamp 5.05\ to e.g. c:\Programs\Winamp505\
    2. create a textfile called Winamp.cmd, in that second folder. This must contain the following line (so, one line only):
    start c:\Programs\Winamp505\winamp.exe /inidir=ini
    3. Right-Click that file Winamp.cmd and choose "Run as Adminstrator"

    This is basically how to get Winamp working from an USB-stick and as such it works as a portable program

    google "run winamp portable from an USB" to know more.

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    to be clear, this is about the original Carlos Osorio plug-in, that stopped working for some reason on Vista, but works on Windows XP still.

    The most likely reason is that I've installed some update, or Microsoft installed some update that conflicts with the plugin and Winamp together. oh well.