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ATSurround - Noise in registered version

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  • ATSurround - Noise in registered version


    At first I was really happy to have found a plugin which I can use with my 5.1 system. I love(d) the sound!... Until the noise appeared. Alright, trial version has noise in it after the 1st song.

    I registered the plugin and hoped everything would be awesome. Heck, no difference...

    I suggest you do NOT purchase this plugin hoping it will be better than the trial.

    Stick to the trial one. No difference.

    Rips you off...

    Winamp team, please look into this.

    Thank you!

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    you would need to take this up with the plug-in author as there's little Winamp can do about such things and if needed, as they seem to use PayPal, to file an issue under their system to get a refund.
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