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Winamp 5 gen_ex.bmp details

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  • Mr Jones
    The following animation can be user as a template to remind you what each colour dot on gen_ex.bmp changes.

    Each frame represents each dot (you can spew out each frame as a reference for each dot). So, the first frame depicts what colour is affected by the first pixel colour dot, the second frame the second dot etc etc

    The area highlighted in RED is what affected by that colour, each frame is also numbered, these numbers match up to what pixel is changed.

    Mad props and shouts to macaroon for this great tool.
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  • Mr Jones
    started a topic Winamp 5 gen_ex.bmp details

    Winamp 5 gen_ex.bmp details

    What's new in Winamp 2.95:
    * media library: skinnable list/treeview selection colors
    Yes folks, Winamp5 is released and available for DOWNLOAD, and as of this version,well it was originally changed in the never released WA2.95, there is a small change to the skin engine for Winamp classic style skins, remember those media library list view bars that were the crappy windows default blue/white colour?, well you can alter them now to suit the rest of your skin.

    Unfortunately, this means a tiny change to the skin engine, and will mean you have to update your 2.9 compatiable skins again.

    What's changed....

    genex.bmp has gained 4 extra pixels to help colour these selection bars, they are listed as follows.

    x=84 List view text colour highlighted
    x=86 List view background colour highlighted
    x=88 List view text colour selected
    x=90 List view background colour selected

    Add these four pixels to your genex.bmp and all will be well.

    There are also a couple of other things you must do with genex.bmp

    1. The dimensions of the bitmap should not be altered from the default size of 130x75
    2) The background colour shouldn't be altered from the base skin colour of (0,198,255), it is recommended you leave this as the default colour , for any future changes may become dependant on this.

    note: it is a BAD idea to change that blue coloured background. It WILL fuck your skin up in future updates- Christophe
    If you do have another colour for your background and/or don't add the extra pixels in to your genex.bmp, winamp will check the very top right pixel of genex.bmp, and compare it to the ones shown at 84, 86,88 & 90, if it is found to match, then winamp will use the default blue and white colours for these list view bars.

    Essentially this means you don't have to add those four new pixels to any 2.9 ready skins, but they will forever look crappy if you don't.

    See attachment for new default genex.bmp file.

    The complete list of what pixel does what is as follows.....
    • x=48: item background (background to edits, listviews, etc.)
      x=50: item foreground (text colour of edits, listviews, etc.)
      x=52: window background (used to set the bg color for the dialog)
      x=54: button text colour
      x=56: window text colour
      x=58: colour of dividers and sunken borders
      x=60: selection colour for entries inside playlists (nothing else yet)
      x=62: listview header background colour
      x=64: listview header text colour
      x=66: listview header frame top and left colour
      x=68: listview header frame bottom and right colour
      x=70: listview header frame colour, when pressed
      x=72: listview header dead area colour
      x=74: scrollbar colour #1
      x=76: scrollbar colour #2
      x=78: pressed scrollbar colour #1
      x=80: pressed scrollbar colour #2
      x=82: scrollbar dead area colour
      x=84 List view text colour highlighted
      x=86 List view background colour highlighted
      x=88 List view text colour selected
      x=90 List view background colour selected

    See following post for what pixel changes what part of the gen area..
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