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  • No Sound Coming From CDs.

    Trouble Playing CDs

    Having trouble playing CDs? Try the following in order to solve your problem:

    1. Check the mixer. Open the mixer by double clicking the little speaker in the system tray (see below).

      The window will look something like this (more or less sliders):

      Is the cd volume loud enough and not muted? Is CD-ROM even available? If it is not, go to Options, Properties, and select playback. From the list, select CD-ROM and click OK.
      If this did not work move on to step number two.

    2. Make sure the CD-ROM is connected to the soundcard. For this you will need to actually open up your computer to check it out. Since all computer cases are manufactured in different ways, no general tech support can be provided on how to open up the case.
      If your CD-ROM is not connected to your sound card through wire, you will need to download the CD Reader plugin, which can be downloaded here. To make sure that you don’t get double track listings, delete or rename in_cdda.dll (see below for details)

    3. Try the CD Reader plug-in. The CD Reader plug-in can be downloaded here. Make sure that you rename the old CD plug-in (in_cdda.dll). I suggest you rename it to in_cdda.dll.old, just in case you should need it again. If this doesn’t work, read on to step 4.

    4. If your hardware is extremely old, this might just do the trick. Go to the preferences dialog (Crtl+P), Plug-ins, then Input. Select “Nullsoft Cd/Linein Plugin 1.xx” and press configure.

      Deselect “Sample Input from soundcard”. Now restart Winamp. If still your CD-Player doesn’t play anything, move onto step 5.

    5. If you’ve came this far, there isn’t much online tech support can do for you. Make sure that your sound card drivers, CD drivers, and DirectX are up to date. Best of luck to you on trying to get your CD Rom to work properly.

    (edit: ubb fix up)

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