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Cannot Write File Info (ID3)

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  • Cannot Write File Info (ID3)

    This can be a problem. If you ever get an error such as "Can't Write ID3 tag" or "Cannot write to file" chances are the file is read only.

    Why are my files read only?
    There are many reasons why they could be marked read only. One of the most common ones is that they originated from cds. Since cds are read only, windows will automatically keep the read only attribute when copied over to the hard drive. Some times another program will change the file to read only. Anyway, this needs to be fixed.

    Now how do I take the read only attribute off my files?

    1) Find any and all mp3s that are read only (dont worry if they are not), select them.

    2) Right click the file, and select "Properties".

    3) You will be presented a screen like the one above. Uncheck Read-only. All done. Wasn't that easy to do?

    I'm using WindowsNT or 2000, and this doesn't work
    Honestly, I can't say why not. Post a question in Tech Support: General, we'll see what we can do.

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