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Create A CD Playlist With CDDB

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  • Create A CD Playlist With CDDB

    Note: This post is outdated and relates to Winamp 2.5x to 2.7x.
    Winamp 2.9x and 5.x users should ignore this, in particular steps 5-6.

    When Winamp is used to play a CD, unless some special action is taken, the playlist will not show Artist or Song information. You will just see "Track 1, Track 2", etc.

    A widely used feature, called CDDB, can be initiated that will automatically find and display actual Artist/Track information in the Winamp Playlist. CDDB stands for CD Data Base. It refers to a website that maintains a data base of 100's of thousands of CD/Track information files. This site can be accessed through Winamp, and prompted to pass the proper data for display in the Playlist panel.


    To set up for it in Winamp, perform the following:
    1-Open the Options window. You can click on the small symbol in the upper left of the Main panel. Or, alternatively, click on any empty area of the Main panel (to select it), then press Ctrl+P on the keyboard.
    2-Click on Input (under plugins), and click on Nullsoft CD/Linein Plugin to highlight it.
    3-Click on the Configure button.
    4-Make sure that Use CDDB is checked.
    5-The CDDB Server address should be If you want to change this, it can only be done via the Change button. You can then select from a list of server address selections.
    6-The email address should be [email protected].
    7-Click OK, and you're finished with the setup. It shouldn't have to be done again.

    Now, when you insert a CD for the first time, Winamp will automatically make the internet connection to the CDDB site, and the needed CD info will be sent to your PC. When the CDDB connection is made, you should temporarily see a small popup window indicating that CDDB is activated, and a "success" notification if your CD info is found.

    The first time this is done, the track info in the Winamp playlist panel might still show only the "Track 1, Track 2", etc. list. But as each track is played, the real info will appear.

    This playlist info is saved automatically in a Windows file. When you replay the same CD this saved track info will display in the playlist (without having to be online and connected to CDDB).

    Be aware that when a CD is set up to start playing any playlist that is currently being displayed will be replaced by the CD playlist.

    -Thanks to Qaxar for this wonderful display of informativeness
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